Why You SHOULDN’T Stay in a Disney Hotel at Disneyland Resort

If you’re visiting Disneyland Resort soon, you might be wondering about the hotel situation there. Disneyland Hotel Disneyland Resort is a bit different from Disney World in that There are only three Disney official hotelsbut the resort is Surrounded by a number of nearby, local hotels, with some even within walking distance. So…should you stay … Read more

One Big Thing You Shouldn’t Trust in Disney World

As picture-perfect as it seems (and in a lot of ways, REALLY is!), not everything is as it seems at Disney World! MagicKingdom From misquoted wait times to preconceived — and perhaps even misleading? — notes about new attractions, there are MANY things that can be surprising, and downright unexpected, in the Most Magical Place … Read more

Eight Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Animal Kingdom Out of Your Disney World Plans

I cry inside every time I have a client tell me that they want to plan a Disney World getaway but have been told by friends or family to leave out Disney’s Animal Kingdom. When Animal Kingdom first opened back in April 22, 1998, it quickly became one of my favorite Disney theme parks and … Read more