The 5 BEST and WORST Things We Ate in Disney World This February

February came and went to Disney World, and it was filled with Valentine’s Day treats other lots of CROWDS.

Be mine, Valentine!

We’re here to take a look back at the five BEST and the five WORST things we ate in the month of February at Disney World, and this list has some items from recently reopened restaurants and a brand new Disney World hotel. What do you think made the list?

The Five Best

Oak Grilled Filet Mignon — Jiko — The Cooking Place

Jiko—The Cooking Place recently reopened, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge — Jambo House, and one of the standout items was so good that we didn’t have even one bad thing to say about it. the Oak Grilled Filet Mignon, one with Rainbow Cauliflower and a Chocolate Red Wine Demi-glaceis one of the best steak we’ve ever had.

Entry time!

The oak-grilled filet had a delicious smoky flavor, and the red wine demi-glaze was smooth and rich. We also enjoyed the four-cheese mac-and-cheese, and if you REALLY want to enhance your steak’s flavors, you can combine a bite of steak with mac and cheese!

This was plated beautifully!

We could easily list all five best dishes from Jiko, so if you’re looking for an incredible meal at Disney World — don’t skip this restaurant!

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Meteor Egg — Crown of Corellia

We can’t stop thinking about the Meteor Egg we tried during our visit to the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser (also known as the Star Wars hotel). This breakfast dish is a soft boiled egg that’s covered in sausageall within a layer of cake batter.

Meteor Egg

It’s essentially a Scotch egg, and it was also served with Turmeric Aioli. We thought the sausage was cooked well, and the Fried cake batter was crispy and flaky. If corn dog batter and funnel cake batter had a baby, the cake batter layer would be their baby.

SO good

Not everyone in our group totally loved the Meteor Egg, but if you’re into Scotch eggs, you’ll probably love this. We sure did!

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The Bento Experience—Crown of Corellia Night 1

The Bento Experience from the night one dinner at the Star Wars hotel was one of the favorite things we ate during our two-night stay! This dish comes with three pan-seared steamed dumplings, each with different fillings. The blue/purple Bantha Beef pod is filled with Braised teriyaki beefthe green Flora Vegetables pod is filled with potatoes and curryand the orange Tip Yip Chicken pod is filled with sweet and sour shredded chicken.

Bento Options

The Bantha Beef pod had a classic teriyaki flavor with tender beef, and the Tip Yip Chicken pod was also good — but not our favorite. The Flora Vegetables pod was the most complex of the threeand the curry flavor came through strong.

chicken pod

Overall, we thought the pods were full of flavorand the soft breading was the cherry on top. We definitely could have eaten a lot more of these!

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Bantha Tenderloin — Crown of Corellia Night 1

The Bento Experience wasn’t our only favorite thing from dining at the Star Wars Hotel! the Bantha Beef Tenderloins is a Tamarind-glazed beef with crushed moon-rock potatoes, and it was a perfectly cooked steak. It what juicy other filled with flavor. YUM.

Bantha Beef

And the potatoes were so delicious! We were surprised by how spicy and savory they were, and they’re not to be overlooked.

Bantha Beef

A delicious plate of steak and potatoes in space? yes please

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Salted Caramel “Beach Buns” — Cape May Cafe

Buffet dining returned to Cape May Cafe at Disney’s Beach Club in February, and we revisited the Salted Caramel “Beach Buns” bread. This bread comes with vanilla creamand it’s basically the BEST way to start your day at Disney World.

A great way to start any meal!

This is essentially salted caramel pull-apart breadwhich is also topped with cinnamon sprinkles. It’s moist and doughy, and the vanilla cream takes it to another level. We’d be happy with just this for breakfast!

Here’s our review of Cape May Cafe breakfast buffet!

The Five Worst

Maple Bacon Cannoli — Vivoli il Gelato

We were excited to try the Maple bacon cannoli from Vivoli il Gelato in Disney Springs but…it was not great. This was a Bacon wrapped cannoli filled with maple bacon-flavored cannoli creamand it was very pork-heavy.

Maple bacon cannoli

This cannoli is not made with candied bacon, so you’re looking at a whole lot of pork flavor. The maple bacon cannoli cream had more bacon chunks in it, and because it wasn’t fully set, it melted right away. When you combine the pork flavor and the melty cream, it just wasn’t as good as we were hoping it would be.


This kind of treat is for someone who REALLY loves bacon, and even then…it might not be for you.

Here’s our review of the Maple Bacon Cannoli!

Engagement Ring Cake — ABC Commissary

the Engagement ring cake from ABC Commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was very Instagram-worthy, but when it came to flavor, it fell a little flat. This is a plant based chocolate cake filled with raspberry sauce, set on top of a shortbread cookie, with a white chocolate engagement ring.

The texture on the outside is interesting

We thought the cake was moistbut the chocolate flavor wasn’t chocolatey, which was odd. The raspberry filling was VERY sweetand be warned that this was a MESSY treat!

The sauce is in the very middle

Was this the worst treat we’ve ever had at Disney World? No, but when there are so many other great Valentine’s Day treats to try, this one is probably a skip!

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Marshmallow Kiss — BoardWalk Bakery

We have another beautiful Valentine’s Day treat that didn’t quite work! the Marshmallow Kiss from BoardWalk Bakery was made of marshmallow on a sugar cookieand topped with white chocolate and sprinkles. We did like the sugar cookie, but the marshmallow didn’t really work for us.

Now THIS is a Valentine’s Day treat

The marshmallow texture was tough other difficult to chewand the flavor itself was kind of fake tasting. Worst of all, this treat had a slimy aftertaste.

That’s a lot of marshmallow

Kids would probably love this bright treat, and it’s certainly worth an Instagram post at least!

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50th Anniversary Cake Pop — Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

the 50th Anniversary Cake Pop was found at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, Casey’s Corner, and at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe in Magic Kingdom. and it was another blue treat to try. This cake pop was made with chocolate cake and blue-colored white chocolate icing with gold sugar sprinkles, and it may have been described as “the saddest cake pop” ever.

It’s a little baby cake pop…awww!

Not only what it tinybut it was also VERY dryand the texture was chewy. We did like the white chocolate coatingbut that was it.

The first fateful bite

We wanted to like it, but is it really a good cake pop without, well, moist cake?

Here’s our full review of the 50th Anniversary Cake Pop!

Blue Shrimp — Crown of Corellia Night 2

We’ve finally reached the controversial Iced Blue Felucian Shrimp Cocktail we tried on night two of our Star Wars hotel experience, and this dish really depends on whether you enjoy shrimp cocktail. If you don’t like some of our reporters, this is not good. But if you do, it’s certainly worth a try and you might really enjoy it!

Not great.

This shrimp gets its blue color from soaking the shrimp in a butterfly pea powder solutionand our server recommended combining the shrimp with other elements on the plate, like the Redball Jungle “Cocktail” Sauce, Pickled Mushroomsand “Ocean Weed.” The combined flavors didn’t work for us, but we’re still glad we tried it.


Disney really took the Star Wars hotel menus to a creative level, and as long as they were going for weird space shrimp, they definitely succeeded!

Here’s our FULL review of the blue shrimp!

And that’s our five best and worst Disney World eats from February! Keep reading DFB for more Disney food reviews and news!

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