The 5 Most Important Disney Genie+ Tips to Know Before You Go to Disney World

By now you probably know that the FastPass system has been replaced with Disney Genie+at Disney World.

Disney Genie has launched!

We’ve been using Genie+ since its introduction in October 2021, and this new service can be a bit confusing! If you use it right, though, it could mean skipping a LOT of time in line at Disney World. So, if you’re considering the $15 to hop into the Lightning Lanesyou might want to check out Five of the MOST important Disney Genie tips!

1. The value of Genie+ depends on your party and the day.

Alright, our first tip: The value of Genie+ depends on your party, your park, and the day. On an average day, you don’t NEED Genie+ to get through your must-dos and you won’t necessarily get through them any faster than someone with a solid park strategy will. It just gives you a little more downtime and less time in line.

Splash Mountain

That’s the key though, you DO need a solid park strategy to keep up with your must-dos if you don’t have Genie+ (and even with it sometimes!). Keep up with DFB for all the tips you need to make sure you hit EVERYTHING you want to during your Disney day.

Lightning Lane Entrance

On a crowded day though, Genie+ might save you a lot more time. If standby lines are longer, Genie+ could be more worth it. But keep in mind that there also might be more people using the service — making it harder to get the Lightning Lane times that you want.

Guest Experience Lines

Beyond that, we have to consider the price. $15 might feel like a small fee for one person, but if you’re a family of four it might not fit in your budget. $60 per day really starts to add up! And remember, there are Individual Attraction Selections in each park that are not included in Genie+ (Hint: These are the newest and most popular attractions). You will still have to book and pay extra for these pay-per-ride attractions if you want to skip the lines — even if you have already paid for Genie+. But also note that you don’t NEED Genie+ to purchase those attractions either. Individual attraction selection is its own beast.

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2. Genie+ is more worth it in some parks than others.

Keep in mind that Genie+ is also more worth it in some parks than others. You may want to take it day by day versus adding Genie+ to your whole trip. You don’t want to spend the $15 per person to find that every line in EPCOT is under 15 minutes all day!

Scanning into Our Lightning Lane

Remember, you can add Genie+ at any time during your park day if you decide you want it. The downside to this is you might miss high-demand Lightning Lane slots like those for Slinky Dog Dash, but you have the flexibility to decide if and when you want Genie+.

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3. Book your next Lightning Lane as soon as you can!

You can book one Lightning Lane at a time with Genie+. You can book another immediately after you use your first OR after a 120-minute cool down — whichever comes first.


To make the most of your purchase, make sure you’re booking ASAP all day! After you scan through two turns to get on a ride, you will be able to book a new Lightning Lane, so go ahead and do it! That way, you’re getting the earliest time possible.

Never had a friend like me! ©Disney

If your window is more than 120 minutes out, set a timer on your phone for 120 minutes from your booking time. If you booked that Lightning Lane at 12:10PM, then you can book another (Even if you haven’t been able to scan in yet!) at 2:10PM. This is a great tool for those higher demand rides.

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4. You can look for earlier times.

Don’t forget you can totally look for earlier Lightning Lane times! If there are only far-out Lightning Lane times and you’re hoping for something more immediate, keep refreshing the page.


It’s not guaranteed, but people cancel their reservations all the time. You might find the time you’re looking for.

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5. You CAN actually have more than one Lightning Lane at a time.

As we mentioned above, you can actually book more than one Lightning Lane at once if your day works out a certain way. Remember, you can book a new Lightning Lane when you use your last one OR after a 120-minute cooldown.


For example, if you book Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run for 6:30PM at 12:32PM, you’ll be able to make a new selection at 2:32PM — even if you haven’t used your Millennium Falcon one yet.

Millennium Falcon

So, if you make a Soarin’ Lightning Lane reservation at 2:32PM and use it immediately, then you can book another immediately without waiting two hours again. Your Millennium Falcon booking stays valid through all of this.

In the queue for Rise of the Resistance

Grade! You can hold two Individual Attraction Selections at the same time, so you could hold those Lightning Lane reservations PLUS however many you can book with the 120-minute cooldown.

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These five tips should be YOUR toolkit when using Genie+ at Disney World. As always, keep an eye on DFB to make sure you’re in the loop on all the latest and greatest updates.

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