The TWO Airlines Guests Recommend When Flying to Disney World

Getting to Disney World isn’t exactly easy, regardless of whether you’re flying or driving.

Do you fly to Disney World?

With flight prices getting higher and recent crowd and wait time issues at the Orlando International Airport, it’s not exactly a smooth process flying to Disney World right now. So is one airline better than the other? We asked DFB readers to share their favorite airlines for flying to Orlando, and there were some interesting responses!

We reached out on Facebook (give us a follow if you want to share your opinions!) to find out what our readers consider the BEST airlines to take to Disney Worldand their thoughts might help you out next time you’re planning a Disney World visit!

While many airlines were mentioned, two airlines stood out as favorites for different reasonsand a third factor emerged as an important consideration to make next time you’re booking your flights. Let’s get into it!

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines was overwhelmingly mentioned as the favorite airline for DFB readers for a variety of reasons. One reader said, “I prefer Southwest! Free checked bag, family boarding, and wonderful staff. Not to mention, they are one of the few airlines that offer non-stop flights from our preferred airport to [Orlando International Airport].”

Southwest Airlines

Two free checked bags was a commonly mentioned perk for Southwest because more bags means more room for souvenirs! Another reader commented, “We fly Southwest. I’ve always had great service from them. Two free bags is a plus with all the souvenirs we are usually bringing back with us,” and Wendy O said, “We only fly Southwest. Free checked bags, more souvenirs!

Southwest Plane

Another reader also had a tip for DFB readers! They commented, “We only fly Southwest. Vacation tip: Put your medium bag inside your larger bag and pack your medium bag. Always take a luggage scale [and] you now have your souvenir bag.”

Commemorative Disney plane

And depending on where you live, Southwest may also offer the cheapest flights. a reader said, “Southwest is usually much cheaper when flying out of NOLA, thus we usually fly Southwest. [The] Bonus is the amount of luggage allowed.”

Southwest Airplane

If you’re looking to save money on those bag fees, Southwest is the airline for you! And who doesn’t end up leaving with a suitcase full of souvenirs??

Why your next Southwest flight could be DIFFERENT!

Spirit Airlines

Coming in hot behind Southwest Airlines is Spirit Airlines! That’s right, the budget airline was a popular option for DFB readers looking for cheap, direct flights. One reader said, “Tons of people complain about it, but we’ve never had an issue on Spirit. I don’t care that they charge for snacks/drinks, I bring my own. I gladly pay a minimal price for a roomy front seat, and be on my way.”

©Spirit Airlines

Another reader added, “Both times I’ve flown [to Orlando] was with Spirit. It was surprisingly just fine. Direct flight from a small airport outside Pittsburgh with free parking. No complaints.”

Spirit Airlines

Some readers only select Spirit because of the lower prices. One said, “Spirit worked for us. Honestly, it’s whoever is cheapest.

©Spirit Airlines

And reader noted that there is no correct answer, but “for my family it is Spirit. The airport from which we travel is 10 minutes from my home, has free parking, and quick check-in and TSA check. Works for me.”

©Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines might not offer the same perks as Southwest, but when you’re looking for low prices and direct flights, it might be just the ticket.

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Affordability and Convenience

While Southwest and Spirit stood out as the ultimate favorite airlines, another common response was that there’s actually no correct answer. It can depend on you budgetyour local airline hubwhether you have airline miles savedand if you want direct flights. A reader said their airline choice”depends on where you are flying to/from and who has hubs and direct flights,” while another reader said they choose “whichever one is cheapest or I have reward miles for.

©Alaska Airlines

One reader said they fly”whoever is [the] cheapest non-stop,” and that they “find them all to be the same.”

©Frontier Airlines

Similarly, another commented, “Best is a relative term and will vary by city of origin and time of year. All airlines are constrained by the same rules and restrictions with regard to safety and when they can fly safely. Delays and cancellations will vary by city and time of year as well as other unknowns that can’t be predicted.”


You can still have a favorite airline but it’s good to know that all airlines run into issues, and your “favorite” may be based on certain factors that work specifically for YOU. It be worth looking into your closest airport to find out which airline offers the best deals and the most direct flights might!

And that’s what our readers think! Do you agree? Keep reading DFB for more Disney news, tips, and updates!

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