Want to Get an EXCLUSIVE EPCOT Item and Treat Combo? We’ll Tell You How!

Would you buy and eat 5 specific dishes in EPCOT just to get the free completer item? If you’re a fan of food challenges or food crawls and have major FOMO (can’t miss out on that exclusive item you can ONLY get through this challenge!), then we’ve got just the thing for you!

Goofy topiary

EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival has officially kicked off. We’re here checking everything out, from the food to the music to the merch. But there’s one special activity that true foodies might want to complete — the Garden Grace! Basically this is like a food scavenger hunt and yes, it comes with an exclusive item + treat PRIZE! But are the items on the scavenger hunt worth it? We’re here to find out!

there are 5 different items around the Festival that are a part of the Garden Graze. To complete the challenge, you’ll need to enjoy 5 specially marked dishes. You can find them identified in your Festival passportalong with spaces for the Cast Members to stamp when you buy the corresponding item.

Garden Grace

Once you have all of your stamps, you can bring your passport over to the Pineapple Boardwalk to get your exclusive prize!

Getting There!

First, note that all of the items specifically featured for the Garden Graze are plant-based, so plant-based eaters can participate, too! Also keep in mind that you don’t need to complete this challenge in one day. It can generally be completed at your leisure, and as long as you bring your fully stamped passport back before the end of the Festival, you can claim your prize.

Also note that the Festival Passport says you just need to purchase any 5 items from the Garden Graze locations identified in the booklet, so you may be able to mix and match or get multiples of qualifying items. Before making your purchase, just be sure to ask a Cast Member to confirm whether it will qualify and get your corresponding stamp.

Garden Grace

For purposes of our review, we’ll be reviewing the 5 specific items listed in the passport as the Garden Graze menu items.

To start, we got the Grilled Street Corn on the Cob with Savory Garlic Spread for $5.75. This item is also gluten/wheat friendly and is located over at Flavor Full Kitchen Hosted by AdventHealth.


This item has been a BIG favorite of ours in the past, but our reporter who tried this dish this year was (sadly) disappointed. the corn was very buttery and it had a great garlic flavorbut the seasoning was chunky and a bit difficult to eat. They shared that it felt a bit like biting into a dry seasoning mix with large pieces. They also felt like the seasoning didn’t really blend well with the garlic butter.


Had our corn been hotter when we got it, that might have made it a bit better. It wasn’t terrible by any means, but our reporter just wasn’t a fan. It could be that they got a less than perfect batch or that the flavors/textures just weren’t for them. But, as we mentioned above, this has been a favorite of ours in the past so it’s still one you might want to check out!

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Next we got the new Coconut Tres Leches cake at La Isla Fresca for $4.50! This is Vanilla cake soaked in oat milk, almond milk and coconut milk with toasted coconut.

Coconut Tres Leches

This dessert was DELICIOUS! It wasn’t too overpowering in terms of the coconut, the cake was moist without being soaked, and it was just wonderful.

Coconut Tres Leches

Our reporter who tried it said it was actually their favorite dessert of the entire day!

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The next item on the grace is the Potato Pancakes with House-Made Apple Sauce for $4.75which is also gluten/wheat friendly. This snack is located at Farmer’s Market: Farmer’s Market in Germany!

Potato Pancake and Beer Flight

When we’ve had this item in the past, we have felt like people who like a mix of sweet and salty would enjoy it, but the consistency of the applesauce can definitely throw some people off! This year, our reporter said the pancake on its own was good, and the applesauce on its own was good — it was the combination of these two together that they just weren’t a fan of!

The pancake was warm and a little greasy (without being overly so). The apple sauce was nice and fresh tasting, with a cinnamon flavor to it and chunks of apples in it — all good things!

Potato pancakes with house-made apple sauce

The combo of the two together, however, just wasn’t a favorite for our reporter. If you do like that sweet and salty combo though, and you don’t mind the texture of applesauce, you might enjoy this.

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Moving on down the list, we got the NEW Grilled Baby Vegetables with Hummus Cream and Red Pepper Coulis for $4.75! This item is gluten/wheat friendly and you can get it over at Trowel & Trellis Hosted by Impossible Foods.

Grilled Baby Vegetables at Trowel & Trellis

This dish was very pretty (look at all of those lovely colors!) and simple, but being simple here was actually a fairly good thing. The simplicity let the flavors of the veggies truly shine! the Hummus was nice and lightand the red pepper coulis had a KICK to it that we enjoyed!

Would You Grab This Dish?

While this dish certainly won’t fill you up, it is a healthy and flavorful snack that we enjoyed.

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Finally, we have the Avocado Toast with Marinated Toy Box Tomatoes on Toasted Ciabatta for $5.75. This item is located at EPCOT Sunshine Griddle, which is near Test Track! For starters, this toast is GORGEOUS. Seriously, it’s rocking the floral, colorful look. You GO Avocado Toast.

Avocado toast with marinated toybox tomatoes on toasted ciabatta

Though we experienced a bit of a soggy middle with this item last year, this year it stepped things UP. the toast was delicious and so buttery. So it soaked up that avocado flavor, making things even better. It wasn’t overly salty either, which was great because it let the avocado shine!

Look at all those yummy ingredients.

The tomatoes were fresh, there was a lovely little garlic flavor to it, and the dish as a whole was just wonderful! It was a serious winner in our books.

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And that’s the 5 food items! Once we got all our stamps, we made our way over to Pineapple Promenade to collect our prize! This year’s prize is a Pineapple Lime Swirl with a cute little 50th anniversary decoration on top. It all comes in a souvenir glass for the Festival that you can take home with you!

Complete Surprise

This treat was TART! The one we got was certainly more lime-heavy in terms of flavor, but it was still absolutely delicious! And the white chocolate decoration on top for the 50th Anniversary was a wonderful touch.

It was a fun and tasty treat to end the night!


Overall, completing the Garden Graze this year with the specific items identified above will cost you around $25.50 which isn’t too bath. the Coconut Tres Leches and the Avocado Toast were some seriously delicious items, so we really like that they’re included in this challenge.

The Corn on the Cob has been a favorite of ours in the past, but our reporter didn’t love it today. The Grilled Baby Vegetables were good, though not anything particularly spectacular; and the Potato Pancakes were alright separately in terms of ingredients but not a favorite when mixed.

Garden Grace

Essentially, none of the items on this list are horrifically bad (again, our reporter wasn’t a fan of the corn today but we have liked it in the past). And some of them were actually REALLY good.

Is a Pineapple Lime swirl in a souvenir cup worth the $25+ cost? Maybe, maybe not — that all depends on your tastes and whether the items on this Garden Graze list look appetizing to you (again, remember you may be able to grab other items at the qualifying booths or get multiples of a single qualifying item — check with a cast member).

2022 Pineapple Promenade Outdoor Kitchen

We will say that the Garden Graze challenge is a fun way to explore booths you might not have otherwise stopped at and try some food that might be brand new to you! If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone, and get a prize for it(!), this could be the way to go. What do you think about this food stroll? Tell us in the comments!

And stay tuned to DFB for more from EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival!

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