We NEED to Talk About These Behind the Scenes Facts from Disney’s ‘Encanto’

Disney’s Encanto has been in the headlines a lot lately, and for good reason!


A heartwarming tale of the importance of family and embracing each others’ differences, the movie danced onto our screens and into our hearts. There’s no doubt that it takes a great deal of work to make a movie, and even more that doesn’t make it to the screen! We’re sharing TEN behind-the-scenes secrets from the creators of Encanto!

Disney hosts on Encanto watch party a few weeks ago, where fans could watch the movie at home and follow along on Twitter for some fun facts.

During the watch party, we found out some awesome behind-the-scenes tidbits, like how the writers almost included a post-credits joke scene involving a capybara. You can check it out below!

And, we bet you didn’t know that the final song was much longer. According to Yahoo News, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s original version was seven minutes long!

The emotional song Dos Oruguitas was the first fully Spanish song that Lin-Manuel Miranda ever wrote. It’s a story about two caterpillars representing Abuela and Abuelo Madrigal. Miranda shared the original lyrics in a tweet.

And, speaking of lyrics, the back story of the family was supposed to be in the opening number, sung by Mirabel.

Encanto even received direction in the most mundane of circumstances — from Miranda’s neighbor Fabian, a professional botanist. Fabian shared his knowledge of plant life with Miranda to ensure that the exotic foliage was accurate!

In other unexpected Encanto news, the iconic “tick tock” sound you hear in the hit song Pressure? That was done by Lin-Manuel using his own voice as percussion — everyone loved it so much they decided to keep it in the final cut. How cool is that?!

Every Disney character needs a cute animal sidekick, and Encanto’s Pico the Toucan fits the bill (ha, get it?). The lovable bird is voiced by Alan Tudyk, who apparently took researching his role so seriously that he corrected showrunners on their toucan sounds.

Pico the Toucan is the sidekick to Mirabel Madrigal, voiced by Stephanie Beatriz. While she was recording Waiting on a Miracleshe what over nine months pregnant!

speaking of stephanie, she sang a moana song as part of her audition for the movie!

And, in what might be the most shocking fact of all — Bruno almost wasn’t named Bruno! Jared Bush shared a screenshot of a text conversation between himself and Lin-Manuel Miranda discussing other possible names for the character.

“We Don’t Talk About Andre” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for more behind-the-scenes Disney news!

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