We’re LIVE from the Food and Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure

Get ready for tons of scrumptious snacks and delicious drinksbecause the 2022 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival has officially opened!

California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

This event boasts more than a dozen Festival Marketplaces (AKA food booths) around the park, with more limited-time offerings at certain restaurants like Pym Tasting Lab and Terran Treats in the new Avengers Campus. You can find small plates of specialty foods and sip on new drinks around the park — but which eats and drinks are actually worth trying? And what else is there to do during this event? We’re heading inside NOW to find out!

Follow along with us here, and we’ll update this post throughout the day as we continue on our Food & Wine adventure.

festival dates

Before we dive into this event, you need a couple of key details — like how long the festival will last! The California Adventure Food & Wine Festival runs from March 4th through April 26th, 2022. Some of the booths opened a little early, but now they’re all open and available for guests.

2022 Booth

If you’re visiting this park within that time frame, you’ll be able to test out the new (and returning) offerings!

food and drinks

There are plenty of snacks and drinks to try out this year. In addition to 13 festival marketplaces, several restaurants around Disney California Adventure and Downtown Disney are offering specialty Festival items. Be sure to check out our page that has the full list of booths and menus!

See the full list of offerings at this year’s Food & Wine Festival here.

We stopped by each marketplace to see what was new and munch on old favorites.

Avocado Time

At this booth, you can find an Avocado Impossible Burger and the Intriguing Frozen Guacamole. And don’t forget to try the Ruby Grapefruit Sparkling drink!

Okay, color us intrigued

We thought that frozen guacamole was actually really delicious! We know it sounds a little strange, but it was super refreshing while still being savory. If you’re a big fan of guacamole, this is a can’t miss for you!

Click here to read our full review of Avocado Time.

Berry Patch

This spot boasts a couple of new treats, including a Strawberry Cheesecake and Blueberry Buttermilk Pie. For a dessert drink, you can test out the Cherry-Chocolate-Mint Dessert Cocktail.

Full booth spread

The desserts here are very tasty, especially that Blueberry Buttermilk Pie! And if you’re a fan of sweet drinks, the cocktail is definitely serving up some strong flavors.

Our review for this booth is coming soon!

California Craft Brews

This is the place to find all kinds of beer, hard seltzer, and hard cider. In addition to several on-tap beverages, there’s an IPA Sausage Dog on a soft pretzel roll to pair with your drink.

Hot dogs and brews

And boy are we glad this sausage arrived on the menu this year! All of the flavors work well on it, and there’s so much melted cheeeeeeese!

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If you visit Cluck-A-Doodle-Mooyou’ll find wings, a French Onion Beef Tenderloin Slider, and some options for beer and lager.

Cluck-A-Doodle Moo Spread

The wings were one of our favorite items here. They’ve got a subtle ranch taste and super tender meat! There’s a new Blackberry-Lavender Lemonade as well, but be warned — it’s only for the biggest lavender fans!

Click here to read our review of Cluck-A-Doodle-Moo.


This booth has Beef Potato Puffs, a Cubano Slider, and a couple of cocktails on the menu.


Those potato puffs taste as fun and delicious as they sound (spoiler alert: potato puffs means tater tots), and the slider was tasty as well! There’s a cold brew cocktail at this spot, but we don’t think it’s for everyone. Check out our review (coming soon!) to see if you’d love it.

Full review coming soon!

Garlic Kissed

You’ll probably smell Garlic Kissed before you see it, and that’s not a bad thing. Follow your nose to find the new Grilled Top Sirloin with smashed potatoes and the returning Carbonara-Garlic Mac & Cheese.

Garlic Kissed Spread

If it’s possible, we think we love that mac ‘n’ cheese even more this year than we did last year. But meat lovers can’t go wrong with the top sirloin either!

Click here to see our full review of Garlic Kissed.

Golden Dreams

This booth has several new items, such as a Honey-Orange-Glazed Salmon Salad and Mango-Carrot Gazpacho. To drink, try out the new Orange-Honey Cold Brew or Pineapple-Tiki Bitter Cocktail.

Golden Dreams Spread

That gazpacho has to be one of our favorite eats at this year’s festival! All the food here is bright and beautiful, and the taste truly lives up to the looks. (Except for that cold brew, which we thought was a little bit odd.)

Click here to see our full review of Golden Dreams.

I Heart Artichokes

You’ll never guess what’s available at I Heart Artichokes. You can get some Chicharron-crusted Fried Artichoke Dip (which sounds amazing) along with Artichoke Toast. And there’s a new Passion Fruit Rum Cocktail on the menu to wash those dishes down.

I Heart Artichoke’s Items

We’re gonna let you in on a little secret with this booth: the best thing here isn’t the artichokes at all! First prize definitely goes to that Passion fruit cocktail.

Click here to read our full review of I Heart Artichokes.

LA style

This place has more new offerings, such as the Glazed BBQ Pork Belly mac salad and a Gyro inspired flatbread with Impossible Ground Beef. A couple of drinks (including a Mezcal Margarita) are available here as well.

LA Style Spread

This booth was full of ups and downs for us. The pork belly was FANTASTIC, but we weren’t fans of that mezcal margarita. You’ll have to read our review (coming soon!) to find out which of these items will be winners for you!

Full review coming soon!

Nuts About Cheese

One of the most exciting booths (in our humble opinion) is Nuts About Cheese. This spot has Peanut Butter & Jelly Mac, Next-Level Crackers & Cheese, and the Snickers Mickey Macaron! The new Spicy Honey-Apricot Cocktail sounds delicious as well.

Nuts About Cheese

The PB&J mac is not the best thing we ate, but we kind of think everyone should try it at least once for the experience, you know? All the rest of the offerings here (and especially that Snickers macaron!) were seriously delicious!

Full review coming soon!

Pepper’s Cali duck

Puns aren’t the only thing on the menu at Pepper’s Cali duck. You can also get a Chili Relleno Empanada or the Ají de Gallina. And don’t forget the returning Cantarito-style Poblana drink!

Our spread from Peppers Cali duck

If you’re looking for a LOT of flavor, this is the place to be! But are they too spicy for your palate? Check out our full review for more taste notes on these items.

Click here to read our full review of Peppers Cali Duck.

Uncork California

This booth has some classically Cali dishes, like a cheese selection and chocolate-hazelnut mousse. This spot is also where you’ll find a LOT of wine options as well as a few tropical mimosas.

Uncork California Spread

The cheese plate was fairly standard, but That mousse was like a giant Ferrero Rocher candy! YUM!

Full review coming soon!

Paradise Garden Grill

We’re rounding out the list of Festival Marketplaces with Paradise Garden Grillwhich has a lot of specialty items for this year’s festival.

Paradise Garden Grill

You can try Brisket Fries, Char Siu Ribs, an Impossible Gyro, Jerk Chicken, Beer-battered Fish Tacos, and Strawberry Shortcake here. You can wash it all down with a bourbon-strawberry lemonade or a Mexican-style lager.

Full review coming soon!


Disney confirmed that live entertainment and music would be part of the 2022 Food & Wine Festival in this park, but they didn’t release a full line-up of the artists. We’ll be checking around the park to see all of the entertainment available this year. We do know that the jammin’ bosses and a few of their Disney pals will be returning this year!


There are a few special events available at this year’s festival, including Carthay Circle Winemaker Receptions. To see all of the events, head to our 2022 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival Special Events page.

Welcome back to Carthay Circle!

You can also check out some visiting bosses who will be sharing their knowledge during demonstrations. See a COMPLETE LIST of the presenting chefs coming to the Culinary Demonstrations here.

For a fee, you can take 30-minute lessons on culinary techniques from the pros themselves. Visit our 2022 Low-Cost Seminar and Demonstrations Page, where you can view the full schedules for this year’s events!

2017 Representative Sharing Information About Shipyard Beer

For the little ones, you can attend Alice’s Wonderland Bakery Unbirthday Partywhich is a cupcake decorating experience for kids ages 3 to 11.


No Disney event is complete without some new merchandise to honor the occasion. We saw a sneak peek of the new items earlier, but now we’ve seen a LOT more. We’ll get you pics of all the new items here soon!

There’s one item that you can get at several of the festival booths around this park — reusable cutlery!

Reusable Cutlery

A set of a knife, spoon, and fork, all made from bamboo costs $10.75. They also come with a blue carrying case.


If you love the Sip and Savor Pass, you can rest easy knowing it is available at his year’s festival. You can buy the pass and then trade each of the pull-off tabs for a tasting portion of a snack or non-alcoholic drink at participating marketplaces. See our festival page for a full list of the participating locations.

We’ll continue to update this page as we work our way around the Food & Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure. Stay tuned with DFB for full reviews of all the food booths!

See the food booths and menus at the 2022 California Adventure Food & Wine Festival.

Which food item would you snag first at this year’s Food & Wine Festival in Disney California Adventure? Let us know in the comments.

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