What Are the Best Quick Service Restaurants at Disney World?

Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and choose violence.

To wit, today, I’ll take on one of the most divisive topics among Disney fans.

Magic Kingdom Walk

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What are the best Quick Service restaurants at Walt Disney World? Obviously, your list won’t match mine, but I definitely have thoughts.

Backlot Express

Okay, I’m limiting this list to nine today, although it just as easily could have been 35. The food at Walt Disney World is decadent, y’all!

I also recognize I may have already surprised you with the first pick.

As an FYI for first-time readers, my wife is vegan or, as she calls it, a vegan who likes eggs. She relapses some.

Backlot Express

Photo: D23

Anyway, I’m an ultra-picky carnivore, which causes struggles in finding restaurants that can please us both.

At Backlot Express, we both love the desserts, especially the Wookiee Cookie.


Photo: Disney Parks Blog

Better yet, she can devour a Teriyaki Tofu Bowl while I have a Pulled Pork Sandwich or Chicken Strips. The menu’s depth here is an underrated strength.

Capt. Cook’s

I was telling someone the other day that I think the three Disney restaurants I’ve seen reviewed the most are Capt. Cook’s and… well, we’ll get to the others.

Capt.  Cook's quick service

Photo credit: WDWInfo.com

That statement is true because critics prefer to eat at places where they know they’ll like the food.

Sure, some folks love to write scathing reviews, but their belly growls the whole time they do it.

Capt Cook's lunch and dinner menu

Conversely, whenever anyone dines at Capt. Cook’s, they know they’ll eat delicious Polynesian pork, Pan-Asian noodles, or Thai meatballs.

Disney has even updated the menu a bit. This place is serving Walt Disney’s Favorite 1958 Chili again!

Tongan toast

Photo: Disneyforfoodies.com

Also – and this is important – you can order Tonga Toast for breakfast here. No other Quick Service restaurant can say that!

Casey’s Corner

The song says it all. Baseball lovers are kindred spirits who share our passion for America’s pastime.

At Casey’s Corner on Main Street, USA, you can eat a hot dog, grab some Chili-Cheese Fries, and down both with a Coke. What’s more American than that? NOTHING!

Casey's Corner

Credit: Disney

Seriously, Disney placed this Quick Service restaurant as the first option at Magic Kingdom. That’s a telling indicator of how highly they think of its appeal.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

When you think of theme park food, fajitas and southwestern salads don’t scream to mind. And that’s how Pecos Bill gets you!

Nobody expects such rich and hearty flavors at a theme park restaurant. But then, they eat Pork Carnitas Nachos or a rice bowl, and suddenly they’re hooked!

Pecos Bill Disney World

Photo: MealTrip.com

The southwestern flavors available here probably won’t quite match your favorite local Mexican restaurant, but that’s an unfair ask!

Eat at San Angel Inn – seriously, do that! – if you want a full fledged experience. You should expect lighter bites at Quick Service restaurants.

Pecos Bill

Photo: Disney

At Pecos Bill, you’ll eat a phenomenal meal for a low price…and for the love of all that is holy, make sure to order some churros!

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

When you hear “Muppets” and “BBQ,” you may worry about Kermit’s safety.

I’m happy to inform you that the Muppets are the ones hosting this particular establishment, a tribute to grills and smoked meats.

The robust flavors here make this one of my best meals during each visit. But, remarkably, my wife can order the BBQ Jackfruit Burger and be just as happy.


Disney has really covered its bases well by expanding menus to include plant-based dishes.

PS: Don’t forget the banana pudding! It’s a must!

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory

Here’s another one that doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.


You’ll find this restaurant near the lobby at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter. And it’s worth hunting down because it serves Gumbo and Jambalaya!

Yes, we’re talking about the tastiest treats out of Louisiana, and they’re both available here.

The Cajun cuisine is a foodie’s delight, but the robust menu ensures nobody feels left out. You can eat burgers and chicken and flatbreads here if you prefer.

Photo: easyWDW

No matter what you do, save room for dessert! Unfortunately, beignets aren’t currently on the menu as I type this due to supply chain issues, but the Mardi Gras King Cake is divine!

Satu’li Canteen

Here’s another location that I suspect would gain near-universal agreement as one of the best options at Walt Disney World.

The conceit of Satu’li Canteen is that you’re a tourist, a stranger in a strange land called Pandora.

Satuli Canteen

Photo: MealTrip.com

So, the food here embraces your host’s planet’s rich culture and ingredients.

Disney took a daring approach to the menus here, offering protein bowls whereby guests could pick their components.

The experience has altered a bit over the years. So, Cheeseburger Pods come and go, something that frustrates me, but they’re usually available on the children’s menu if you don’t mind.


Photo: touringplans.com

The showstopper here arrives at dessert. The Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse is so gorgeous that Disney used it in the marketing for Pandora – The World of Avatar.

Somehow, this dish tastes even better than it looks. I’m confident that somebody eats somewhere at Satu’li Canteen but doesn’t order this treat.

I’m so glad that I don’t know them because they’re soooooo wrong.

Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant

Tomorrowland Terrace

As much as anything else, Disney’s about memories.

So, even though Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant is a seasonal place that’s not currently open, I must include it.

After all, my all-time favorite memory of my father happened here. For that matter, another one occurred at the World Showcase.

Dessert parties are back at the Magic Kingdom!

Today, when I visit the parks, I feel my father’s presence because of those times we had together when I was younger, and he was still with me.

If/when Tomorrowland Terrace is serving again, please order some French Fries and think of my dad, the noble parent who traversed Magic Kingdom to find something that would shut up his bratty, hungry kid.

Yorkshire french fries

Disney units us all, my friends. Please never forget that.

Woody’s Lunch Box

Woody's Lunch Box

Photo: Disney

Here’s the third place where we’ll never lack for reviews. The reason why is that this place serves what I can only describe as flavor bombs.

At Woody’s Lunch Box, comfort food is on the menu, and it comes in many forms.

Some look like tater tots, while others will forcibly remind you of Pop-Tarts. Then, there’s the best grilled cheese you’ve had since you were a kid.

Woody's Lunch Box

No matter what you order here, you’ll smile while you eat. I don’t think any other restaurant at Walt Disney World delivers the same consistency as Woody’s Lunch Box.

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