What Still Hasn’t Returned at Disney Theme Parks?

I’ve got several friends planning their Walt Disney World summer vacations right now. They know you need to get ahead of the rush to ensure the best trip.

So, they’re asking me what remains closed at the parks because they want to know what to expect.

Cinderella Castle painting

I happily report to you that now that the Festival of Fantasy Parade is up and running again, most stuff is back.

Still, I can name a handful of park attractions that haven’t returned yet. So here’s the current list.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Proud parents love to take their would-be Disney Princesses and knights to get the makeover of a lifetime.

In fact, even non-parents love this practice, as we find joy in noticing these kids in the parks. They’re unmistakable due to their unique post-makeover looks.

Disney suspended experiences

Alas, social distancing requirements turned this sort of styling experience impossible.

Now that the pandemic appears to be on the decline, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique could feasibly come back at any time!

Grand Florida Resort Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

The Disney Dining Plan

I will discuss this issue in more detail in another article that will post soon if it hasn’t already.

The gist is that Disney promised that the dining plan would come back in 2022. They just didn’t say when.

In recent years, Disney has offered the free version of the dining plan in January. Well, it’s March now, and we have no dining play at all, much less the free package.

Yes, that’s weird. Along with the current absence of out-of-state annual passes, it’s fair to say that Disney is field-testing some dramatic park changes.


Enchanted Tales with Belle

This one wasn’t possible for the same reason as the makeovers.

At Enchanted Tales with Belle, guests act out part of the story of Beauty and the Beast.

Enchanted Tales with Belle

Alas, this walkthrough attraction occurs indoors and in tight spaces. So, Disney couldn’t protect its guests from COVID-19.

This attraction also appears likely to return soon. However, it’s always possible Disney could be contemplating something new in the same space.


That’s pure speculation on my part, but I think it’s weird that we’ve heard nothing about Enchanted Tales with Belle.


Disneyland Resort recently confirmed the impending return of its version of Fantasmic! It’ll come back in May.

Disney has stated that it has plans to bring back Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during the spring.

So, the presence of this presentation on this list is more of a formality than anything else.

Fantasy returning

Credit: Disney

Finding Nemo: The Musical

Here’s another instance where we’re just waiting for a date.

Last year, Disney confirmed that it was modernizing the Finding Nemo attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Finding Nemo Musical

The new show, Finding Nemo: The Big Blue… and Beyond!, will debut at some point in 2022, likely during the first half of the year.

Better yet, Disney is adding Finding Dory elements to the presentation! I really hope it features that lovely conclusion when Dory’s parents show the path home.

Minnie Vans

We’ve debated this topic plenty over the past two years.

Some reports suggested that Minnie Vans were done after someone spotted one for sale at a car dealership.

Minnie Van

Then, people refuted that report, and we’ve remained at a standstill since then.

Disney hasn’t shown any public movement toward its Minnie Vans. The idea seems far too profitable to abandon, though.

Photo: Disney Parks Blog

So, I’m in the camp that expects them back one day. I’d assume that the current problems stem from staffing shortages at Walt Disney World.

Star Wars Launch Bay

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser just opened. On day two of the adventure, you travel to Batuu, which is the name for Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios.

Hotel guests spend a substantial amount of time at the park, where they complete missions akin to videogame quests.

I would have thought that Disney would reopen Star Wars Launch Bay in time for this experience.


While Starcruise vacations don’t have to leave Batuu, they have that option. Since they’re paying a fortune, they’d probably like the complete Star Wars park experience.

Most people would include Star Wars Launch Bay in that. As such, I’m confused by its continued absence.


We really haven’t heard anything else about this area since Disney stopped using it as a Relaxation Station.

I expect it back soon, but it falls in that same camp as Enchanted Tales with Belle. On the other hand, maybe Disney wants all the Star Wars stuff at Galaxy’s Edge?

Launch Bay

Tables in Wonderland

This card entitles the owner to a discount of up to 20 percent at various restaurants. However, you pay an upfront fee of $149 in exchange for the discount.

This offer only applies to Florida residents and Disney Vacation Club members. These people spend the most time at Walt Disney World.

Disney has shown no inclination for bringing this one back. Also, it violates the company’s current philosophy of maximizing revenue per guest.

As such, I’m operating under the assumption that this one is dead for the time being. However, it’ll probably pop up again in some form if/when the tourism industry tailspins again.

Sci Fi Dinner

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

My favorite show at Hollywood Studios is roughly as popular as toe fungus.

For whatever reason, people have lost their enthusiasm for a staged retelling of The Little Mermaid.

Shortest Wait Times

Even before the pandemic, rumors swirled that this attraction was doomed. Now, that fate feels inevitable.

I will mention that the live-action remake debuts in theaters in May of 2023. So Disney could theoretically modernize the show to fit that theme.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Photo: Trip Advisor

After all, we just discussed how the company is currently doing this with Finding Nemo.

Walt Disney World Railroad

I wasn’t sure whether I should include this one or not. It’s the only attraction listed here that the pandemic didn’t shut down.

Walt's Footsteps

Instead, Disney closed its Magic Kingdom railroad system to build the infrastructure at Tron Lightcycle Power Run.

Obviously, the pandemic delayed that project’s completion. Along with it, the railroad required more downtime.

Walt Disney World Railroad

My understanding is that it’s ready to come back soon. Still, Disney could delay the comeback if it doesn’t need the attraction operational.

Okay, so that’s everything we know about the stuff that remains absent from Disney theme parks.

Disney World sign

As always, keep reading Mickey Blog. We’ll update you the instant any of this information changes.

Also, please know how much we appreciate your reading our website!

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