What’s Disney Like in October 2022?

Every Disney veteran prefers a specific time of year for a visit. I prefer four months on the annual calendar.

Those are January, May, September, and November, but the last one comes with an asterisk.

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In a perfect world, I prefer to visit Walt Disney World in late October and then stay through the Christmas decorations in early November.

No matter when you arrive this month, you’ll love it, though! Here’s what you should expect from an October 2022 visit to Walt Disney World.

Let’s Talk about October Visits

Disney doesn’t have an off-season per se. Those days ended long ago. However, it does have slower periods where the crowds aren’t as large.

October features many of those days, especially during the first half of the month.

As Halloween approaches, the crowds increase because everyone wants to celebrate the spooky holiday at Disney.

Still, until around October 28ththe parks remain less trafficked than during the busier times of the year.

That’s because many guests know and use the trick I just referenced. They show up in late October and spend a week at Walt Disney World.

In taking this approach, guests experience the best of both worlds. As soon as the witching hour ends on Halloween, cast members remove the decorations.

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By the following morning, signs of Christmas are visible across the parks! You might even find some Christmas trees!

Let’s talk about the weather

Visiting in October comes with another benefit. The weather cools down considerably.

The average temperature in September ranges from 72 to 89 degrees on average, which is still quite warm.

In October, the average high temperature drops to 80 degrees, which is much more comfortable.

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According to WeatherSpark, the Central Florida temperatures almost never exceed 90 degrees in October. That’s a relief for any tourist.

As a lifelong southerner, I can confirm that 90 degrees is when you really start to feel the heat.

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Conversely, the temperatures in Orlando remain plenty warm enough in October.

The average low temperature is 64 degrees and almost never drops below 55 degrees.

So, you can reasonably expect temperatures of 64 to 80 degrees during your trip, which is absolutely perfect for the fall.

Central Florida also demonstrates unique behavior with its weather. Clouds don’t appear as frequently in October.

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You should only expect cloudy days on about one out of every three days of your trip. The average of cloudy days is technically 38 percent.

With fewer clouds, you also don’t need to worry about rain as much.


More quirky weather behavior in the area means you’ll rarely face rain during Halloween week. Nobody can explain it, but the data is clear.

Let’s talk about Disney events in October

I’ve already hinted at the best part of an October visit. It’s Halloween season, which means that Magic Kingdom hosts an after-hours event!

Disney Halloween decorations

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Yes, the former Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party transitioned to Disney After Hours Boo Bash last year, but the premise is the same.

You pay for a ticketed event that provides access to Magic Kingdom at a time when it’s closed to other guests.


So, you gain the exclusivity that comes with limited capacity, allowing you to experience more attractions in a short time.

Also, Disney sometimes offers unique holiday-related ride experiences like having live actors at Pirates of the Caribbean.

Boo Bash characters

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Guests with a sweet tooth will be in seventh heaven, as you can trick or treat at the parks! Your age doesn’t matter, either.

Disney hosts snack stations where cast members fill your sack with “free” candy. It’s included with your after-hours admission ticket.

EPCOT little ones

Remarkably, this isn’t the only event at Walt Disney World in October.

The 2022 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival hasn’t posted its dates yet. However, it ran through mid-November last year.

As such, you may safely expect to participate at one of Disney’s most popular festival.

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Guests who visit EPCOT during Food & Wine discover all sorts of culinary treats plus some alcoholic beverages exclusive to the event.

Please note that the Food & Wine event doesn’t require an upcharge or unique admission ticket. It’s free for anyone with a Park Pass for the day.

2022 EPCOT Food and Wine

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Also, please remember that if you have a Park Hopper ticket, your Park Pass doesn’t need to be at EPCOT. You can enter that park in the afternoon.

The whole thing can get a bit confusing. I’d strongly suggest that you contact an expert at MickeyTravels.

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These experts will hook you up with the correct passes.

Let’s Talk about Central Florida Events in October

I’m happy to report that the world has opened up again, especially in the south.


As such, social gatherings are back in full swing in Central Florida.

Unfortunately, the concert list this month isn’t the greatest. The highlights are Ben Platt, Shawn Mendes, and Weird Al Yankovic. yeah It’s blah.

Photo: Orlando City Soccer

October isn’t the best time for sporting events, either. Orlando City SC will probably play two or three home games during the month.

Meanwhile, the Orlando Magic will still be in preseason training rather than playing any real games.

Photo: Orlando Magic Daily

If you’re a college football fan, the UCF Knights will welcome three opposing teams to the Bounce House in October.

Overall, if you want to watch live sports in October, your best bet is whatever’s happening at ESPN Wide World of Sports instead.

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Broadway fans will enjoy their choice of two different musicals, depending on when they visit.

Six, the play about the six mistreated wives of Henry VIII, will play through October 6th.

Then, the showstopper arrives on October 26th. Yes, the national touring company of Hamilton will make a month-long visit to Orlando!


Photo: Hamilton

We’re talking about the best Broadway play of the 21stSt century. As such, you might want to spend one day here rather than at a Disney theme park.

Final Thoughts

You can take two different approaches to an October visit to Walt Disney World.

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When you arrive in early October, you’ll face fewer crowds and enjoy a less hectic park visit.

However, the temperature will be warmer and cloudier. Also, the odds of rain are about twice as high.

Disney World March 2021

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Conversely, when you visit toward the end of the month, the weather will be ideal. Meanwhile, the crowds will be much larger, which is fine.

You’re at Disney, the most popular tourist destination in the south. You should expect crowds. They won’t do anything to dampen your spirits during your vacation.

So, I cannot stress this enough. If you visit in late October, try to stay until at least November 3approx.

You’ll combine Halloween and Christmas holiday vacations with this approach! And you’ll probably see me there!

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