What’s New at Disneyland Resort: A Popular Disney Artist, A NEW Single-Rider Entrance, and MORE!

What’s crackin’, friends? We’re back to take a look at what’s new at Disneyland Resort!

Avengers Campus

There are some exciting food and merchandise updates we can’t wait to share! We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s jump right in!

Disneyland merchandise updates

The Emporium

First up, we found this varsity style Original Mickey jacket for $79.99. It’s an automatic classic!

Classic, yet fun!

Disney also released some cute matching “I love you to the castle and back” Mickey and Minnie shirts for $24.99 each. Grab a friend, buy these shirts, and next thing you know you’ll be the cutest couple in Disneyland!


To celebrate his 90th anniversary, we found this new Goofy 90th plush for $29.99. Goofy is all dressed in his classic outfit — how fun!

Happy birthday Goofy!

Speaking of stuffed animals, we also saw a new Miss Bunny plush for $29.99. This is perfect for Easter (which is coming SOON!).

Love the matching skirt and bow!

We’ve seen these cute little ones Muppet’s Wishables at Disney World, but now they’re here at Disneyland for $14.99.

Which one do you want?

There’s also a Kermit Wishablewhich comes separately from the ones in the blind bags.

How CUTE is this?!

Finally, those Stitch Crashes Disney plushes we’ve seen at Disney World are now on the west coast, too! You can buy a Stitch crashes Peter Pan

Peter Pan



…or Pocahontas plush!


Each stuffed animal is $29.99.

China Closet

There were a LOT of new kitchen/homeware items at the China Closet shop! First up, we’ve got this castle home tray for $19.99.

There’s no place like HOME!

We found some pretty blue glass cups that come in a set of 4 for $34.99.

They have Mickey heads on them!

You can also elevate your dining table with a fun Disney napkin holder set for $9.99

Napkin holder set

…or buy a new set of plates for $39.99!

Disney plates

There’s also a new set of bowls for $44.99 at the China Closet shop!

These are also available in Disney World!

And these nesting bowls for $34.99 are also sold at Disney World!

Nesting bowls

Keep track of all those purchases with this new one clipboard notepad for $17.99!

clip board

It features the same Disney castle with the home icon!

Disney Clothiers

You’ll be the snazziest dressed customer at Pizza Planet with this new one button up shirt for $59.99!

Now we’re craving pizza…

the Peter Pan Dooney and Bourke collection that was previously seen in Disney World is now available in Disneyland!

New collection alert!

The collection features a tote bag, crossbody, and handbag!

Click here to see the full collection!

Disney Showcase

This new cropped Mickey hoodie it’s so fun! It’s available for $59.99.

Cropped hoodie

There’s also a matching black Mickey tank top!

Mickey Mouse tank top

It’s $36.99.

Pooh Corner

Pooh corner has a new clothing set! You can buy both this Mickey heart hands shirt

Heart hands shirt

…and matching shorts for $36.99 each!


This is the perfect lounge set for a cozy day!

Pioneer Mercantile

We found TWO new baseball hats in Pioneer Mercantile! First, there’s this blue play in the park hat for $29.99.

We LOVE to play in the park!

Then, there’s also this new Disneyland resort haswhich is also $29.99.

Disneyland has

Our collection of baseball hats gets a little bigger every year — what about you?


Disney artist Dave Avanzino was at Disneyland signing artwork over the weekend! There was lots of art available to purchase, and guests were able to chat with the artist himself!

What a fun event!

During our visit, we also found a new one Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride button-up shirt for $85.

This button up is BRIGHT!

An iconic shirt for an iconic attraction!

Droid Depot

The Droid Depot had a new wind up droid!


This little guy was $9.99.

Disney California Adventure Merchandise Updates

Elysian Arcade

Our water bottle collection is HUGE, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting the new “Born to stand outwater bottle for $27.99.

New water bottle!

A person can never have too many pens!

New pens

This new 2022 pen set What $19.99.

Five and dime

Speaking of pens, all our stationery fans will appreciate this!

Look at all those cute office supplies!

Disney’s new stationary set is $24.99. It features pens, binder clips, sticky notes, pencils, and paper clips!

Knick’s cracks

Have you seen Turning Red yet?

It flips, too!

This new Turning Red keychain is $14.99!

Both sides are equally cute!

The fun doesn’t stop there!

Unleash the panda!

We found a Turning Red magnet set for $14.99. ADORABLE!

Downtown Disney Merchandise Updates

Acorn Gifts and Goods

The POPULAR Lilly Pulitzer X Disney collection is in stock at Disneyland!

V-Neck Etta Tee

We found the full collection in the Acorn Gifts and Goods shop.

Lilly Pulitzer dress

For a full list of items in the collection, click HERE!

Click here to see the collection at Disney World!

World of Disney

Do you know what movie this is from? (hint: it’s The Emperor’s New Groove!) You can buy this funny Boom Baby long sleeve shirt for $39.99.

This movie is SO underrated!

For our Zootopia fans, this Nick Wilde shirt is available for $24.99.

It’s called a hustle, sweetheart

We ADORE Disney’s bee happy soap dispenser for $22.99.

Instant add to cart

Both the mystery Disney cake

Custom cake decoration pins!

…and Beauty and the Beast pin sets are available now at Disneyland! Both pin boxes are $17.99.

windows of love

You know that Starlight Coke everyone and their great aunt Susan keeps talking about?

We think it sort of tastes like a cotton candy-flavored Dum-Dum lollipop. What about you?

Well, you can buy it in the refrigerator cases at Disneyland! We found it at the World of Disney store.

Disneyland Food Updates

Galactic Grill

the Galactic Grill restaurant in Disneyland has a new Galaxy Burger. It’s made with 2 burger patties, grilled onions, lettuce, pickles, a house-made burger sauce, and cheese. We thought that it tasted like an In-n-Out burger — but in Disneyland!

Galaxy Burger

We also tried the new Key Lime Pie Slushwhich came with a glow cube for $11.49.

Key Lime Pie Slush

As with most Disney slushes, this one was SUPER sweet!

Click here for our full review of these new snacks!

Disney California Adventure Park updates

Spider-Man Web Slingers

Good news: a single rider line is now open for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure in the Avengers Campus. You can find the new lane between the Lightning Lane and the Standby Lane.

single rider!

If you’re trying to ride this attraction without waiting in the standby line, this is a great option!

Click here to see our experience with the single rider entrance

That’s it for our look at all the new things at Disneyland and Downtown Disney! Stay tuned with DFB for more updates from the Disney parks.

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