What’s New in Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest Reopens and New PET Merch Has Arrived!

This week is an exciting week for Animal Kingdom because it’s Earth Week! this friday, April 22nd is Earth Day and Animal Kingdom is celebrating with all sorts of fun stuff!

Pandora in Animal Kingdom

Let’s start off the week right by taking a look at what’s new in Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom Food Updates

Dino Bite Snacks

Big things are happening over at Dino-Bite Snacks. After finally getting cold brew drinks on the menu, the churro has returned to the menu, as well.

The churro is back!

The churro is $6.39 and comes with chocolate dipping sauce.

Animal Kingdom Construction Updates

Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest has reopened in Animal Kingdom!

Expedition Everest

After a rough start to the morning, Expedition Everest reopened on Saturday.

DinoLand USA

It’ll be a little easier to find a seat in DinoLand USA because there are some new benches!

More seating!

These benches have been added in the area with the picnic tables by Chester & Hester’s Dino-Rama!

So in Chester & Hester’s Dino-Rama, the lightbulbs on the sign for TriceraTop Spin are missing! There’s just holes where they used to be.

Where’d the lightbulbs go?

And finally for DinoLand, the dinosaur fountain was either turned off or not working. Usually, water comes out of the dinosaur’s mouth, but it was dry.

There’s no water!

Serka Zong

Serka Zong Bazaar was closed in Animal Kingdom on the afternoon of April 13th.

It’s closed!

According to a Cast Member, it was closed for a “power test.” It has since reopened.

Animal Kingdom Merchandise Updates

Discovery Trading Company

Over at Discovery Trading, we spotted the 2022 Graduation Ear Headbands that we have also seen online and in Magic Kingdom. They are $29.99 and are black ears with a graduation cap and tassel in the middle.

Graduation Ears!

We also spotted two new pairs of earrings! The first pair are these gold Minnie Mouse bows studded with crystals.

Gold Minnie Mouse Bow Earrings!

The second pair are these gold hooped earrings with a red Minnie Mouse bow on top! Both pairs of earrings are $19.99.

Gold hoop earrings!

We also spotted this adorable pastel tie-dye onesie with Mickey on the front. This onesie was available for $25.

Isn’t it adorable?

And finally at Discovery Trading, we spotted this pricey coach bag! it says “Walt Disney World” on the front and is a mustard yellow color.

Walt Disney World Coach Bag!

This bag comes in at a whopping $495!

Riverside Depot

At Riverside Depot, we saw a ton of new pet stuff! First off, we saw this shirt for dogs that has a picture of Sleepy and says “Nap all day, sleep all night!” This shirt is $24.99.

Sleepy Dog shirt

We also saw this shirt for dogs that has Meeko, the raccoon from Pocahontasand says “Curious by nature.” This shirt is also $24.99.


Now, you and your pet can match with this Tie-Dye Spirit Jersey for pets! we’ve seen a human version of this spirit jersey in the parks before. This spirit jersey is $40.

Tie Dye Spirit Jersey for pets!

The last pet-related item we saw at Riverside Depot was this collar themed after 101 Dalmatians. The collar is red other has some Dalmatians on it along with the words “Can’t catch me!” It is $18.

How cute is this collar?

Now, let’s get on to some pins that we saw! We saw this Robin Hood pin code…

Robin Hood pin!

...and this The Lion King pin code. We’d seen both of these pins before at Magic Kingdombut not in Animal Kingdom yet!

Lion King pin!

We also saw a restock of some villains pins. This Maleficent pin was restocked…

Maleficent pin!

…and this Overshadowing Villains mystery pin pack was restocked, as well!

Overshadowing Villains mystery pin pack!

We also found what might arguably be the best way to store your wireless headphones. This Dole Whip Headphone Case is a yellow case with a Dole Whip swirl on top. The swirl also has two Mickey ears stick out of it. It’s $20.

Dole Whip Headphone Cases!

We also saw this headphone case at the Dino Institute.

Pin Station Africa

Over at the Pin Station in Africa, we saw this Cheshire Cat pin.

Cheshire Cat pin!

This pin is $10.

wind traders

When we stopped by Windtraders, we noticed that the cart outside of the shop entrance was open!

Wind traders cart was open!

We also spoke to a Cast Member who told us that they are currently not able to hold Banshees at the store until the end of the day. If you purchase a Banshee and choose to have it held for you at the store, you need to pick it up at least 30 minutes before the park closes.

Banshee Rookery

Now, let’s get on to the new merchandise we saw! first up, we saw this tank top for $39.99.

Pandora tank top

We also saw a new raglan shirt in both pink…

Pandora raglan shirt in pink

…and in blue! Both of these shirts are $39.99.

Pandora raglan shirt in blue

We also saw this red shirt that has a drawing of a banshee and the word “Sivako” on it. This shirt is $29.99.

Sivako shirt

These leggings are $39.99 and have drawings of different things you might find on Pandora on them.

Pandora leggings

This zip-up sweater has the word “Pandora” on the front with some of the woodsprites that can be seen on Flight of Passage.

Pandora zip up

The back has an avatar on it and says “Experience Pandora a world like no other.” It is $80.

Pandora zip up back

We also spotted two shirts that glow in the dark! The first is this Connected As One shirt for $37…

Connected As One shirt

…plus this glow in the dark Banshee shirt for kids.

Glow in the dark Banshee shirt

This shirt is $25.

And that’s what’s new at Animal Kingdom! Keep following DFB for all the Disney news and updates!

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