What’s New in EPCOT: A Club Cool Mystery, Hidden Trolls, and a FREE Tour!

We hope you’re sitting down, because there’s a LOT to cover at Disney World today! From new health and safety updates to returning restaurants, there’s been a ton of news coming from Disney lately. Today, we’re here to talk about EPCOT! It’s amazing how many NEWthings we manage to find in just one week. If only our local Target had this many new items on a weekly basis…on second thought, that could be dangerous for our wallets, so it’s probably for the best.

Greetings from EPCOT!

Let’s take a (virtual) trip around EPCOT to see what’s new!

EPCOT merchandise updates

Basin Booth—World Showcase

We found TONS (seriously, we got super excited) of new Flower & Garden Festival-exclusive items at the Basin booth in the EPCOT World Showcase. First up, we’d like to congratulate the person who came up with these World Showcase pavilion-specific scents! Guests can fill their own container of bath salts for $5.99 each.

There were tons of different scents to choose from!

There are also some new body butters and foot scrubs!

body butter

Both are $11.99or you can take advantage of a 3 for $30 deal.

Foot Scrub

There are a BUNCH of new lip balms that are $4.99 eachor 3 for $12 if you can’t decide!

Look at all those lip balms!

We found this COOL EPCOT glycerin soap! The best part is that it’s shaped like Spaceship Earth — how fun is that?! You can buy this soap for $9.99.

We could do some serious damage in this booth

Finally, remember when everyone went WILD for Disney’s Mickey-shaped soap dispenser? Well, now you can get a flower-shaped soap dispenser for $19.99!


Washing your hands is WAY more fun with flower soap.

ALERT! Mickey SOAP Dispensers Are Now ONLINE!

Mission Space Cargo Bay — World Discovery

Did you know that Walt Disney had a fascination with space? If you, too, love all things SPACE, check out this new one NASA tumbler for $20.

This is SUPER colourful!

The Mission Space gift shop also has these silver astronaut water bottles for $28.

Don’t worry, we won’t make any “out of this world” jokes this time!

Let’s head over to the Creations Shop next!

Creations—World Celebration

We found some new Flower & Garden Festival merchandise in the Creations Shop, like these Pandora Flower & Garden Festival Charm Sets for $175.

How cute!

How cute is this Flower & Garden fork and trowel set? You can pick it up for $30!

Perfect for gardening!

Disney has been releasing a LOT of snack-scented merchandise, and this butter-scented pretzel spirit jersey is the newest addition to the lineup!

This pretzel spirit jersey is making us thirsty (and hungry!)

Like most other spirit jerseys, you can buy them for $74.99.

Click here to learn more about this new spirit jersey!

Disney’s be happy collection has three new foldable fans!

These are perfect for a hot day!

Even though the Festival of the Arts is over, you can still buy this Apple watch strap for $34.99.

This is a little late to the party!

Going back to the CURRENT festival, we found this super cute Flower & Garden tin for $29.99


… as weel as thesis Flower & Garden note cards for $9.99

For a little springtime letter!

…and finally, a Grow Happiness button-up shirt for $50.

You could layer this over a shirt, or wear it by yourself!

If you’re looking to freshen up your kitchen with some new items, you’re in luck! Disney has serval new and restocked items! First, there’s this round Mickey container for $24.99, which was recently restocked!

You could use this SO many different ways!

We noticed that the set of 4 small plates for $34.99 what restocked. Each plate has a different print — but they’re all equally cute!

Perfect for appetizers or desserts!

To match, there are also some new larger plates for $14.99 each.

These are so nice!

Finally, Disney released this cute set of 4 coasterseach with a different print for $24.99.

They match the plates perfectly!

wow! That’s everything from Creations!

Disney Traders—World Showcase Plaza

Pin time! For our princess pin collectors, Princess Mulan finally has her time to shine!

New Disney Designer Collection pin!

Both new pins are $19.99.

Here’s another Mulan pin!

Winnie the Pooh is one of the cutest Disney characters EVER; do you agree? His new pin code is $17.99.

A closer look at the limited release pin!

This retro 50th anniversary pin features both the Contemporary Resort and Cinderella Castle! It what $12.99.

This is from the Vault Collection!

Do you collect any Disney pins? It’s pretty addictive!

World Traveler — International Gateway

The new UK collection has been surprisingly popular!

This is one TALL purse!

We found this new Big Ben purse for $39.99.

Plaza de Los Amigos — Mexico

There seems to be a new Mexico-themed merchandise collection in the Mexico pavilion! First up, there’s this glass cup for $14.99.

Perfect for some fresh lemonade, right?

Mexico is also selling this fun mug you might be interested in for $14.99 (if your mug collection isn’t already overflowing, that is).

Here’s the mug!

To keep your new glass cups safe, you can buy this coaster set for $24.99!

Coaster set

The final new item in the collection is this hot plates for $14.99.

Finally, here’s the hot plate!

That seems to be the magic number, huh?!

The Art of Disney—The American Adventure

the Mulan doll is one of the newest additions to the Disney designer doll collection!


She’s pretty expensive at $129.99, but think of it as an investment. (That’s what we used to tell our parents when we wanted to buy a pricey item — it still works! 😌)

The Tea Caddy — UK

Stock up on tea with the new Twinings tea collection for $29.99. It comes with 48 tea bags, so it should last for a little while!

That’s a LOT of tea!

While we’re here at The Tea Caddy shop, we thought we should mention the free Self Guided English Tea Tour you can check out here during the Flower & Garden Festival! If you happen to visit the shop, you can ask a Cast Member for more information on the tour.

Bonus — we got to say hello to Mary Poppins!

When you finish your self-guided tour, return to The Tea Caddy and let a Cast Member know you’re finished. after that you can pick two free tea bags to take home.

Did you know about this?

During our visit, the shop was also giving away samples of peach tea!

The Queens Table — UK

Across the way, we found a fun little collection of corgi items by British designer Karen Mabon. The collection features this teal pajama set for $140

Pajama set

… this Purple oversized night shirt for $160

night shirt

…a dead bag for $40

Tote bags

… a $40 coin purse

Coin purse

…and sleep mask for $40

sleep mask

…as well as this fan for $15!

Are you a FAN of this collection?

Additionally, we found this fun bucket has for $70


…this cheeky baseball cap for $45

baseball has

…a scrunchie for $25


… and others scarf for $165.


Most of these items are available in both purple and teal!

Lords and Ladies — UK

The UK pavilion is FULL of new merch! We spotted this straw sun has with a pretty bow for $39.99.

ANOTHER new hat!

Especially in a place like Florida, wearing a hat the blocks the sun makes a big difference!

Il Bel Cristallo—Italy

Show off your love of Italy with this $12.99 keychain!

Featuring Minnie Mouse!

If you need a shot of energy, check out these new ones Topolino Mickey espresso cups!

This is so cute!

You can buy them for $17.99.

House of Good Fortune — China

These new Unicorns…


…and puppy shoulder plushes for $12.95 put a big smile on our faces!


Would you walk around with these little friends?


If you’re looking for some fun souvenirs, check out the Mitsukoshi store in the Japan pavilion! Where else in Disney World could you find this interesting light-up Dragon Ball Z mini lamp for $21.95?

Mini lamp

Or what about these Pac-Man lights for $44.95?

Pac-Man lights

If you want a bigger one, you can buy it for $49.95.

Pac-Man light

If you LOVE hello kitty, we found SO many new items in the Japan pavilion! Just to name a few, there’s this cinch closure backpack for $48

New backpack!

…and a backpack for $88!

Another backpack!

We also found this pair of slippers for $24.95.

These look SOFT!

For your little ones, you can pick up a new one hello kitty tea party set for $39.30!

Are we too old to play, too?

There’s also this amazing oven for $43.90

There’s a lot going on in this box!

…and this cozy kitchen set for$52.90.

These toys are pretty cool, to be honest!

Lake? We told you there are some unique items here!

EPCOT Construction Updates

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Time for a Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind check in! It looks like some weathering was added to the Nova Corps structure, as well as some other little details around the area.

Yay! Progress!

We also saw some miniature little wall-like structures installed by the entrance to the attraction!

What’s the point of this?

We’ll have to wait and see what these are for!

EPCOT Experience

Recently, we found out that the EPCOT Experience was closing!

Goodbye EPCOT Experience!

During our most recent visit, we found that the EPCOT Experience was totally closed.

NEWS: The EPCOT Experience Is CLOSING at Disney World — For Good

Connections Cafe

the Connections Cafe has a new sign!

This is a good SIGN that construction is coming along!

The sign was added across from the Creations Shop entrance. We can’t wait for this to open!

NEWS: Opening Timeline Announced for the NEW Restaurant in EPCOT

EPCOT Additional Updates

club cool

the Club Cool saga continues! Recently, the Russian Sprite was unavailable at Club Cool.

It was gone for a bit!

but now it seems to be back again!

Now it’s back!

We’ll keep our eyes out to see if it sticks around.

Wandering Reindeer Shop — Norway

Did you know that there’s a Tiny little hidden troll in the Wandering Reindeer shop?

Do you see him?

hey hiding up in the rafters! We love fun little details like this, don’t you?

There he is!

Those are all the updates we’ve got for now, but stay tuned because we’ll have more soon!

NEWS: Mask Mandate SUSPENDED In Most Disney World Locations

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