What’s New in EPCOT: A GIANT Pizza Roll and Marvel Merchandise

When was the last time you visited EPCOT?!

Spaceship Earth

This park is undergoing a MASSIVE transformation, and that means things are changing every single day. Whether it’s construction, food, or merchandise news, there’s always something new to check out in this futuristic park. So, without further ado, let’s see what’s new in EPCOT!

EPCOT Food Updates

Sunshine Seasons

There are few phrases that make us smile like “giant pizza roll” does, and we got to try one at Sunshine Seasons recently! the new Pepperoni Pizza Roll comes with a side of pasta salad.

Seriously, this thing is huge.

for $10.99, we thought this was a delicious and filling meal!

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EPCOT Construction Updates

Journey of Water—Inspired by Moana is set to be EPCOT’s newest immersive, walk-through attraction. Not only will it include water featuresbut it will also teach guests about water, too! Here we can see crews working on putting the rock formations in their places.

Journey of Water — Inspired by Moana construction

The pavement in the Japan Pavilion has been undergoing intermittent updates, and we caught a glimpse of that on a recent visit.

Japan Pavilion pavement construction

The pavement refurbishment shouldn’t affect your EPCOT trip, but we’ll let you know if anything changes!

EPCOT merchandise updates

Creation’s shop

We spotted two new Mickey Mouse iPhone cases for $34.99 each. Do you think Disney is trying to tell us something with these…?

Does Disney know something we don’t?

There’s a new mailbox toy here, too! It’s an enrichment toy for pets, so your fur baby can figure out how to get the letters out of the box.

This probably hasn’t been approved by the USPS.

It’s $24.99 and features the main mouse himself saying one of his signature phrases.

We’d love mail from Mickey.

Check out how gorgeous these Rose Gold Minnie Ears with adjustable straps are! You can get them for $24.99. These ears are meant to be more comfortable than the traditional headband ears, as you can control how tight they are on your head.

We can’t get over how pretty the rose gold is!

This shop also had an entire NEW collection of Pride merchandiseall about Marvel and Starwars! There’s a Marvel Loungefly Backpack for $75

Marvel Pride Loungefly backpack

…a rainbow marvel has for $29.99

Marvel Pride has

…a white Marvel hoodie covered in superhero logos for $59.99

Marvel Pride hoodie

…and a black Marvel hoodie with the logos on the sleeve for $64.99.

Marvel Pride gray hoodie

We also found a couple of t shirtincluding a white Marvel tee for $24.99

Marvel Pride youth tee

…and a black one also for $24.99.

Marvel Pride T Shirt

A rainbow Loungefly wristlet what here for $40

There’s a tiny one too!

…a Pride tumbler what available for $24.99

Disney Pride Tumbler

…and a mini loungefly backpack with a rainbow heart What $75.

Mickey Mouse lounge fly

For the Starwars side of things, we found a Pride Spirit Jersey for $74.99

Star Wars Pride Spirit Jersey

…a Starwars has rainbow for $29.99

Star Wars Pride has

…a kids’ Spirit Jersey for $49.99

Star Wars Pride youth spirit jersey

…and a Starwars Pride button up shirt for $59.99.

Star Wars Pride button up

Disney has announced that 100% of the profits from any Pride collection items purchased between now and June 30th will be donated to “support LGBTQIA+ youth and families.”

Check out even more items in the Pride collections here!

Disney Traders

Over at Disney Traders, you can get some new Marvel merchandise, like this Hawk Eye bow and arrow set for $29.99.

Practice your skills at home.

There’s also some new merchandise for the upcoming Ms. Marvel show, including a Loungefly backpack for $85

Ms Marvel Loungefly backpack

…a kids’ pajamas set for $36.99

There’s a pajama set too!

…and a zip up hoodie for $46.99.

We’re kind of obsessed with this jacket.

So now you can show off your love for Disney’s Marvel series, past and future!


Mitsukoshi at the Japan pavilion is home to all kinds of fun merchandise. Right now, you can get various keychains from the popular game Animal Crossing.

How cute are these guys?!

Each of the keychains is $17.95.

World Traveler

At World Traveler, you can find this red quilted Minnie Mouse bagwhich has little silver bows and an embroided signature from Minnie.

Minnie is the most fashionable mouse we know.

The bag costs $39.99.

Canada newsstand

And finally, at a merchandise kiosk in the Canada pavilion, we spotted a couple of new ornaments. So if you’re getting ready for Christmas a little early, you can check these out! There’s a Tinker Bell ornament with the fairy and a ship in a bottle on a mirror…

Hey there Tinker!

…as well as a Peter Pan ornament showing Peter flying over London.

We can’t blame him for not wanting to grow up.

Each of these ornaments costs $24.99.

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Now you’re all caught up on what’s new in EPCOT! Keep following DFB for more updates as you get ready for your upcoming Disney vacation.

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