What’s Walt Disney World Like in September?

Back in the olden days of yore, Walt Disney World included an off-season.

Now, it sounds like a myth passed down from grandparent to parent to child.

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Still, Disney DOES have a slower season, I swear! So what’s Walt Disney World like in September? Really, really good. Here’s why…

Let’s Talk about September Visits

Nothing says family vacation like a visit to Walt Disney World. However, schools start in late August, if not earlier.


For this reason, Labor Day marks a significant date on the annual calendar. Once the holiday weekend ends, park attendance drops dramatically.

The phenomenon generally lasts about six weeks. Disney has added entertainment activities that lure people back by mid-October.

So, savvy guests relish this brief window to experience Walt Disney World in a unique environment.

You’ll feel like you have the run of the place as you enter shorter line queues and board attractions much more quickly than during a summer vacation visit.

Cinderella Castle

Also, as you’re about to learn, those entertainment activities I mentioned actually start in September.

For whatever reason, people are less likely to take advantage of them until October.

As such, September is legitimately the best month of the year for a Walt Disney World trip in my opinion.

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Let’s talk about the weather

Orlando temperatures have warmed considerably over the past decade. As recently as 2011, daily low temperatures were often in the 60s.

That’s seldom the case now. According to WeatherSpark, the average low temperature hovers between 72 and 75 degrees.

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Temperatures lower than 68 degrees are rare now, although far from unprecedented.

On the other side, September is much more temperate than July or August.

Disney Spring 2021

The average high temperature ranges between 86 and 89 degrees. Believe me when I say that the difference between 89 degrees and, say, 95 degrees is dramatic.

You won’t need to escape the sun much, if any at all, when the temperature falls in the 80s. But, when it’s in the mid-90s, well, that’s a different story.

Thankfully, September’s high temperatures in Orlando rarely go higher than 93 degrees and could be as low as 81 degrees.

As such, September proves an ideal time to visit. It’s the kind of Florida weather that has made the state such a dream vacation destination.

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Let’s talk about Disney events in September

Last year, Disney made a change after many years. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party had anchored Magic Kingdom’s fall season for a long time.

Then, park officials chose to introduce something new. As a result, we lost the former Halloween party in favor of a different but eerily similar after-hours event.

Boo Bash tickets

Credit: Disney

That entertainment option, Disney After Hours – Boo Bash, should return in 2022.

Disney has decided that its various ticketed events should all align with the theme of Disney After Hours.

In reality, the difference between the entertainment options is minimal. Disney changed the name last year to reflect some pandemic-related concessions.

Social distancing measures remained in place last fall. Unfortunately, those restrictions prevented the operation of some familiar aspects of the old Halloween party.

So, Disney switched from Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) to Boo Bash to sever the connection between the old and new.

Boo Bash guide map

However, the pandemic has diminished since then. As such, the 2022 version of Boo Bash should mirror the event we’ve previously known as MNSSHP.

What is Boo Bash? It’s a Magic Kingdom Halloween party that opens after the park closes to regular guests.

Boo Bash tickets

Credit: Disney

In other words, you can think of Boo Bash as a Halloween bash that only a few thousand lucky guests attend!

Last year, the ticketed event started in August but hosted many more dates in September.

boo bash

Since the parks are already less crowded in September, you’ll love Boo Bash. Many of the attractions will border on walk-on during the event.

Let’s Talk about the OTHER Disney Event in September

Simultaneously, Disney will host the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival throughout September as well.

Park officials haven’t announced 2022 dates yet, but the event ran through mid-November last year.

At Food & Wine, you’ll enjoy the various options at Global Marketplaces, the festival name for pop-up food kiosks.


Credit: Disney

Each of these places – and there are usually 20+ of them – sells unique food and beverage options, many of which sample international cuisine.

Food & Wine towers above the other EPCOT food festivals in terms of awareness and popularity. That doesn’t happen by accident.

Best of all, the menus at the Global Marketplaces serve inexpensive food. Most menu items cost $10 or less.

Let’s Talk about Central Florida Events in September

Many vacationers never leave the Walt Disney World campus during a visit. Fans call it the Disney Bubble, and few like to leave its comfort.

Walt Disney World

Expecting you to feel more adventurous, you’ll discover some exciting entertainment options beyond Walt Disney World.

Sports fans can watch some professional soccer or college football. Orlando City plays regular season games into early October.

Image Credit: ESPN

In September, the team hosts home games on September 14th and Sep 17th.

Meanwhile, the University of Central Florida has evolved into something of a college football powerhouse.


(Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)

During the upcoming season, the Knights will play at home on September 1StSep 9thand Sep 24th.

You’ll have great fun catching your first game at the stadium oddly named The Bounce House.


Photo: UCF

Concert fans can also watch an eclectic batch of performers in September.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alicia Keys, The Killers, and others will host shows that month.

Many of them were rescheduled from previously announced dates during the pandemic.

So, the robust list of shows reflects the fact that normalcy has returned in Orlando!

Final Thoughts

I’ve visited Walt Disney World many times in September. Part of it stems from fate, as that’s my birthday month. Who doesn’t love to spend their birthday at Disney?

Mickey's 90th Birthday

Still, I’d choose this month anyway, as a September trip comes with so many benefits.

The weather turns cooler, the crowds diminish in size, and the entertainment options are among the best on the park calendar.

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You’ll never regret a September vacation at Walt Disney World! I speak from experience on this subject.

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