When Are the WORST Times to Visit Guest Relations in Disney World? We Investigate.

Disney World can be a LOT. But we’re here to remind you that you’re not alone!

This is…a lot

Sure, we try and prepare you with as MUCH helpful and handy info and tips that we can, but there are certain things we can’t do. There are certain things better left to Disney World guest relations.

With locations in each park (plus Disney Springs), guest relations can be SO HELPFUL for frazzled Disney World visitors — or honestly, anyone just looking for a little help!

Guest relations at EPCOT

While Cast Members at guest relations might seem like miracle-workers, there technically ARE certain things they can’t do for you. So between conquering the impossible and visiting at the worst possible time (ie CROWDS), Here are the WORST times to visit guest relations at Disney World:

First Things First: Where is Guest Relations

Firstly, before you know whether or not to visit guest relations, it would help if you knew where they were!

Hot tip: it’s near this

in MagicKingdom, You can find guest relations in the lobby of City Hall on Main Street, USAas well as outside the park entrance on the right-hand side near the lockers.

Guest Relations

Guest relations is on the left-hand side near the park entrance at EPCOT, by Spaceship Earth. There’s also another one at the International Gateway entrance and outside the park’s main entrance on the right side (near the bus stops).

Guest Relations EPCOT

Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll find them immediately to the left after you enter the parkand there’s a guest services window outside the park on the left, past the gift shop.

Guest Relations

in Animal Kingdom, guest services is also on the left after you enter the parkand just outside the park on the left as well.

Guest Relations Animal Kingdom

Finally, the Disney Springs guest relations can be found in the welcome center building in Town Center.

Worst times to visit

Just like how there’s a right time and a wrong time to Mobile Order, there’s also a wrong time to visit guest relations.

Hollywood Studios Crowds

For obvious reasons going to guest relations right at rope drop is not wiseas this will be when it’s SURE to be the most crowded. Instead, hold off until mid- to late-afternoon, or stop by as you’re exiting the parks!

Magic Kingdom crowds

In Disney Springs, however, things are reversed. Since most Disney World visitors flock to the parks in the morning, this is when it’s quietest at Disney Springs. Thus, “Rope Drop” time is actually optimal for visiting guest relations here!

Guest Relations Cast Member at Disney Springs

conversely, Disney Springs tends to get crowded by late-afternoonand especially in the evening, and this is when guest relations is best avoided.

What Guest Relations CAN Do For You

If you’re wondering whether or not guest relations can help you, let’s take a look at all the things they can do — some of which may SURPRISE you!

Miracle workers

firstly, they’re a great resource for park maps, available in six different languages ​​for the designated park: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Japanese. The Disney Springs location, meanwhile, has Disney Springs guide maps in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Park map

All guest relations can also provide important information and assistancelike dining reservations, lost and found, ticket info, accessibility info, and help with separated or lost guests.

This is what the wheelchairs look like.

Now for some things that may surprise you! Guest relations CAN, in fact, give you a rain check if your After Hours event is rained out significantly!

The rainy Florida weather has arrived!

They also CAN change your Park Pass if warranted (ie you made an honest mistake with your reservations and you’re not just changing your mind on a whim lol).

Animal Kingdom vibes

While First-Aid and medical services are readily available in all the parks and resorts as well, guest relations CAN also get your band-aids and other quick necessities for things like cuts, scrapes, headaches, and pain.

Magic Kingdom band-aids

BTW all locations are open during the normal operating hours for their corresponding parks.

What Guest Relations CAN’T Do For You

Now back to the topic at large: the WRONG times to visit guest relations! In addition to avoiding crowded hours, there are some services these miracle workers simply can’t provide.

Line for Guest Relations when the app went down.

Search as…they can’t change the weather! We know we know. It’s never fun to get rained on, or feel like you’re sloshing through puddles, but guest relations can’t unfortunately make the clouds go away with a snap of a finger.

They’re not Storm from X-Men

While they can help with restaurant reservations, certainly, they CAN’T get you a dining reservation if a restaurant is simply full — which is the case most of the time!

They probably can’t help with Cinderella’s Royal Table

They also CAN’T upgrade or purchase new tickets for you (visit the ticket windows for that!), and if you need medical attention beyond a sore stomach or mild scratch, then you’ll want to go to a First Aid Center rather than guest relations.

Get your tix here

like we said, guest relations Cast Members are AMAZING resourcesand they can do a LOT for you at Disney World, but there are simply times and occasions when you’re best bet is to hold off — or go somewhere else entirely!

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Have you had any helpful experiences at guest relations at Disney World? Tell us about them in the comments!

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