Where Should You Eat at Magic Kingdom?

Out of all the theme parks at Walt Disney World, you’ll probably spend the most time at Magic Kingdom. After all, it’s the most popular theme park on the planet.

You’ll work up quite the appetite by roaming through the park. So, you’re gonna need to fill your belly. Here’s where you should eat at Magic Kingdom.


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Be Our Guest Restaurant

I always feel like a list of the best restaurants at Magic Kingdom is a moving target.

Some of the best places a few years ago have since changed chefs and menus. But, unfortunately, they’re just not up to snuff now for various reasons.

Meanwhile, some previously unheralded spots deserve more attention than they get on Disney-related sites.

Then, there’s Be Our Guest, which hath been the alpha at Magic Kingdom since its inception.

Be Our Guest lunch dinner

Image Credit: Disney

For a decade now, guests have flocked to New Fantasyland to dine at Beast’s Castle.

Even though Cinderella’s Royal Table lets people inside the most storied theme park castle on the planet, many guests prefer to eat with the Beast.

Be Our Guest

Photo: Disney

I’m not about to go against conventional wisdom here. Be Our Guest definitely isn’t cheap, but you’ll get what you pay for during your visit.

Plus, the Gray Stuff has returned to the restaurant as an exclusive. Early in the pandemic, Gaston’s Tavern was also serving it, but that’s no longer the case.

Be Our Guest Dining

Photo: Disney

Casey’s Corner

I’m not wearing my Atlanta Braves 2021 World Champions shirt as I type this, but I’m enough of a baseball fanatic that I own four of them. Not even joke.

For this reason, you can understand my obsession with Casey’s Corner. It’s a restaurant themed to the sport of baseball.

Casey's Corner

The menu here proves more straightforward than anywhere else on this list, but that’s a positive as well.

You’re probably getting a hot dog and fries when you dine at Casey’s, just as the good lord intended.

Casey's Menu

This restaurant was among the last to reopen at Magic Kingdom. During his absence, a walk down Main Street, USA, felt wrong to me.

I’m thrilled that Casey’s Corner has returned to its adorable corner and started selling hot dogs again.

(Go brave!)

Casey's Corner

Columbia Harbor House

Speaking of restaurants that were slow to return, Columbia Harbor House sat on the sidelines for what seemed like an eternity.

The insular nature of this restaurant prevented cast members from maintaining social distancing during the worst of the pandemic.

Columbia Harbor House

So, park officials closed this eatery but transferred its best menu items like the lobster roll to a spot near Tomorrowland.

Thankfully, those days have ended. So, the best seafood at Magic Kingdom has returned to Columbia Harbor House.

Columbia Harbor House Menu

You’ll like this place because of the food AND the prices. Disney has kept this place affordable.

Jungle Navigation Co.Ltd. Skipper Canteen

Whenever I recommend Skipper Canteen, some folks look at me side-eyed. But, in my defense, I always associate the restaurant with a happy family memory.

Skipper Canteen

A few years ago, my brother had undergone surgery mere days before our Disney trip. Yet, despite our protests, he insisted on coming along.

I worried for his safety, but this turned me into the subject of a joke. On the afternoon we visited Skipper Canteen, I was at the end of a 10-day park visit.

Photo: Disney

My feet had openly rebelled against the rest of my body, and I was physically exhausted. So, I grumpily sat at the table.

Meanwhile, my recovering brother rediscovered his love of food during this meal. He raved about the taste of literally everything the server brought us.

Photo: Disney

To this day, he always wants to dine at Skipper Canteen because of this experience. And that’s Disney dining in a nutshell.

We go into restaurants for the food, but it’s the memories we make that stay with us for years later!

Skipper Canteen Interior

Photo: Disney

Liberty Tree Tavern

I have friends who would disown me if I didn’t add this to the list.

Liberty Tree Tavern reminds me of Disney’s extinct Pleasure Island, where the entertainers celebrated New Year’s Eve every night.

Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree Tavern is like that for Thanksgiving. You’ll discover a table of Roast Turkey Breast, Pennsylvania Pot Roast, and what I’m told is the best vegan dish at the park, Impossible Meatloaf.

When you want the heartiest meal possible, Liberty Tree Tavern is where you should go.

Cast Members

Photo: www.orlandotouristinformationbureau.com

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

You’ll find this place by Country Bear Jamboree. You’ll like it because the menu serves multiple palates. It’s a burgers and fries joint for people like me.

For foodies, Pecos Bill serves southwestern flavors that are remarkably robust for a Quick Service Disney restaurant.

Pecos Bill Disney World

Photo: MealTrip.com

Fans rave about the Pork Carnitas Nachos, which are decadent but only $11 as I type this!

Seriously, this is the place to go when you’re craving flavors from south of the border.

Pecos Bill

Photo: Disney

Pinocchio Village house

Yeah, I love this place. I won’t apologize for it.

I know that Pinocchio Village Haus gets a bad rap in some circles for its preponderance of basic entrees.

Photo: Dad’s Guide to WDW

Well, I’m basic and not even by choice. As a result of a fairly gruesome surgery, I cannot eat many entrees that foodies adore.

As such, I appreciate the Village Haus for serving chicken tenders and pizza. Yup, this place is flatbread heaven, and that’s something we all need at a theme park.

Pinocchio Village house

Photo Credit: MealTrip.net

Plus, some seats come with a view of the boats on It’s a Small World. I love that!

The Plaza Restaurant

Here’s a place you probably shouldn’t choose for its flavors. Honestly, it’s pretty bland compared to the other entrants on this list.

Plaza Restaurant menu

However, what you will get at The Plaza is a view of Cinderella Castle, which resides just across the courtyard from your seat.

Speaking of which, you’ll have the choice of dining inside or outside, depending on available seating and the weather.

So, I love to eat outside here, as it’s one of the best people-watching spots at Walt Disney World.

Tortuga Tavern

Disneyland young adults

Credit: Disney

You have noticed that there are more Quick Service than Table Service restaurants listed here.

That’s because of what I mentioned earlier. The list of best restaurants is ever-changing. However, it also reflects the growing significance of mobile ordering.

Through this technology, you can order from anywhere and then signal the restaurant when you’re nearly ready to pick up your meal.

Play Disney Parks app

I’ve found this works particularly well at Tortuga Tavern, which is close to Pirates of the Caribbean. You can order your food while standing in line for the ride.

As you’re exiting the attraction, you can signal you want to eat. The restaurant will prepare your order then. It’s a perfect system.

As for the meal, this place has a light menu. However, the Barbecued Slaw Dog is legendary. It’s a hot dog with pork and slaw on top. decadent!

The restaurant also serves one other staple, the Peanut Butter, Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread, and Banana Sandwich. It’s…just what it sounds like.

You’ll feel like Fat Elvis as you take a bite, but your stomach will smile all day!

Tortuga Tavern is the type of place you may not have given a second thought in the past. But now, it’s a destination location for foodies!

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