Which Disney World Hotel Has the Best Theming? Our Readers Weigh In.

When you book a vacation to Disney World, you have a lot of options for where to stay. You can stay in a Disney World hotel, stay at a non-Disney hotel that’s close to the parks, or even book a vacation home through sites like Airbnb and VRBO.

Pop Century Resort

Staying at a Disney World hotel comes with some great perks like early theme park entry, plus the option to stay late in the parks on some nights if you’re staying at select Disney World hotels. Another thing you get when staying in a Disney hotel is some pretty interesting and immersive theming.

We were curious which Disney World hotel our readers thought has the best theming, so we headed over to our Facebook page to ask them (follow us there to answer future questions!). We asked: “What Disney World hotel has the BEST theming?” This is what they said!

Many of our readers agreed that when talking about theming for Disney World hotels, you needed to consider whether the hotel is going for Disney theming or non-Disney theming. For example, hotels like All-Star Movies and Art of Animation are heavy with Disney theming while hotels like Saratoga Springs Resort are not. Art of Animation was by far the most commented answer to our question — people love the Disney theming!

The Little Mermaid pool at Art of Animation

One of our readers commented: “When I took my Car loving boys at ages 4, 6, and 8, Art of Animation was literally like walking into the movie set for them. It was probably hands down my greatest memory with my little boys.” Walking around Art of Animation, you’ll encounter so many life-size versions of the characters from Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, other cars

You’ll find life-size versions of some of your favorite characters!

One of the best things about Art of Animation is the Finding Nemo-themed pool, or The Big Blue Pool. One of our readers said: Each area is great, and the Finding Nemo pool is the best.” The Big Blue Pool is unique because it is the largest Disney World hotel swimming pool with over 308,000 gallons of water! One reader summed it up best by saying they “loved feeling immersed in my favorite Disney movies!!!”

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort brings animated favorites to a larger-than-life format, creating …
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