Which World Showcase Pavilion Is Best? And Which Is Worst?

When you visit EPCOT, you can travel around the world thanks to a 1.7-mile loop called the World Showcase.

This half of the park hosts 10 international pavilions plus one Star-Spangled offering…but which one is best?

World Showcase

Here is how I would rank the pavilions at the World Showcase.


A few years ago, I likely would have ranked this place much higher. When Morocco debuted in 1984, it had the full support of the crown.

morocco fountain

In fact, the king at the time dictated that his artisans create the best representation of Morocco possible. It was basically one giant tourist campaign.

Alas, Morocco’s passion for the pavilion has waned during the 21St centuries. During the pandemic, this place could have collapsed financially.


Photo: Disney

Disney had to step in and take over the pavilion since it was in financial arrears. For this reason, it’s not in the best shape and could use some love.

The American Adventure

I feel borderline unpatriotic for ranking this pavilion so low. However, my issues stem from the obvious. We’re already in the United States.

American Adventure Epcot

Photo: Disney

So, a pavilion focusing on my country interests me less than one I either haven’t visited or rarely do.

Don’t get me wrong, though. You’ll find plenty to do at The American Adventure, including the show itself. So, Regal Eagle serves delicious barbecue.

Voices of Liberty EPCOT

Image Credit: Disney


When I was putting this list together, I prioritized architecture, entertainment value, food, and shopping.

The Germany pavilion scores well in several of these categories, reinforcing how remarkable the World Showcase is.

If this place resides toward the bottom of the list, the entire World Showcase must be spectacular.

I also suspect that I’d rate Germany higher if I were a beer drinker. But, unfortunately, a permanent Octoberfest doesn’t do much for me.


Photo: yourwdwstore.net

However, the Werther’s candy and caramel corn on sale at this pavilion always find a place in my luggage as I fly out of town.


Something I love about the Italy pavilion is its depth. I mean that literally.


This location appears sparse at first, but that’s because you must walk deeper into the area to notice everything.

Still, the best parts of this pavilion are undeniably the restaurants. Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria serves the best slice on the Disney campus, and I will die on this hill.

Via Napoli

Photo: Disney

Meanwhile, Tutta Italia Ristorante may be the epicenter of wine consumption in Central Florida.


When we discuss the architectural triumphs of Walt Disney World, people focus on the Hollywood Tower Hotel, Cinderella Castle, and Spaceship Earth.

China Pavilion

Photo: Disney

In all sincerity, the authentic recreation of the Temple of Heaven at the China pavilion should also claim a spot on that list.

Imagineers somehow built a reverential American version of this millennia-old structure.


China bridge water pass

China also hosts some of the best live performances at the World Showcase, at least when there’s not a pandemic.

However, I had to ding it for some sub-par restaurants and the main store that’s massive in scope but lacking in desirable merchandise.


Somehow, the Canada pavilion presents the entire country as the cool version of Portland.

You’ll find a weird combination of hockey merchandise, steak, beer, and…popcorn here. However, I find the whole thing quite charming.

I think it’s probably because some of my favorite people on this planet are Canadian, and the country is so proud of its heritage.

So, I get a kick out of shopping for hockey gear and maple syrup in the same spot. So, Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 is a terrific show!

That popcorn, tho…

Maple popcorn

Photo: TouringPlans.com


  1. love This. Place.

The exterior of the Mexico pavilion hints at a dreamy interior of abandoned ruins.

Then, you walk into the building, and the place is vibrant and flowing with life. The shops here work as a mini bazaar with one kiosk blending into the next.

Mexico Pavilion

Photo: Disney

Plus, San Angel Inn Restaurante is one of my favorite places at the World Showcase.

Also, that restaurant overlooks a wildly underrated attraction at the Mexico pavilion, Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros.

Grand Fiesta Tour

Image: Disney

I ride this It’s a Small World clone more often than the real thing! The explanation probably stems from the serene backdrop for Gran Fiesta Tour. Its start is oddly romantic.

United Kingdom

My wife’s gonna kick me in an uncomfortable location when she notices where I’ve ranked this place.

United Kingdom at Epcot

She’s one of those ancestry nuts, and she legitimately has English rulers in her bloodline. So, a visit to this pavilion feels like a return to the old country for her.

I quite like the United Kingdom pavilion as well. A store that sells Rolling Stones merchandise alongside Doctor Who shirts isn’t something I knew I needed until I saw it.

UK Pavilion

Photo: Disney

Also, the pavilion often hosts rock concerts celebrating British musicians over the years. I love randomly listening to Who songs while I’m at Disney.

In short, I think this place is incredible and would have ranked it in the top two a few years ago. But then, a couple of other pavilions added E-ticket attractions…



As a rule, you don’t see a lot of Eiffel Towers. You pretty much have to be in Paris to make that happen…unless you’re in Orlando.

Disney has used forced perspective to create a miniature Eiffel Tower. However, park planners didn’t stop there.

France Pavilion

Other parts of the pavilion mimic popular tourist aspects of France, like coffee shops and kitschy merchandise stores.

My credit card company has sent me more than one fraud alert due to the damage I’ve done while shopping at the France pavilion.

Somehow, the place got even better in 2021, too. Now, it hosts Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, a legitimate E-ticket attraction.

This pavilion was already tremendous but somehow leveled up last year!


Still, as a diehard fan of Norse mythology and someone who owns the Frozen and Frozen II soundtracks, I rank another pavilion with a ride above France.

I loved the old version of Norway, the one that its government paid to construct here.

Norway Pavilion

Photo: Disney

Maelstrom represented the best kind of Disney ride, one brimming with storytelling fables brought to life.

Then, Disney leaned into the popularity of an animated movie by changing Maelstrom to Frozen Ever After.

Norway Pavilion

Photo: Disney

Like many of you, I felt frustrated at first. But then, I rode Frozen Ever After and admired the brilliance of the attraction.

Later, the pavilion added a celebration of Norse mythology inside the Stave Church. It’s a place I always visit.


Photo: MealTrip.com

Then, there’s the dining experience I adore and currently miss dearly, Akershus.

In short, I spend more time at the Norway pavilion than almost any other…but notice I said almost.


Photo: Disney


Anyone who knows me is painfully aware of what I rank at the top of the World Showcase.

My wife and I have remained passionate about Japanese culture our entire adult lives.

We play video games, read manga, watch anime, love kaiju movies, and embrace the kawaii culture.

Japan Pavilion

Photo: Disney

Honestly, the only surprise is that we don’t live in Japan…and yes, that conversation has come up more than once.

Fortunately, I don’t need to leave the United States to get my fix of Japanese pop culture, though.

World Showcase

Photo: Disney

I can hang out at the Japan pavilion instead. Here, I can shop at the best non-Disney store in Florida, Mitsukoshi Department Store.

Afterward, I can go outside and admire the Matsuriza Drummers put on a show.

Disney Cultural Representative College Program

Finally, I often walk through the Kawaii Cute Culture exhibit just to feel the kindred spirit to Japan anew.

The Japan pavilion is my happy place at EPCOT and the best World Showcase pavilion, even over the ones with E-ticket attractions.

2021 EPCOT Flower Garden

Photo: Disney

How would you rank them? Let us know in the comments!

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