Why Going to Disney World With Your Family Might Be a Terrible Idea

Listen, we love going to Disney World with our families, but sometimes it can be downright STRESSFUL.


Planning for a big group of people on its own can be challenging, but add in the fact that you’re all related and you know how to get under each others’ skin…and you’ve got a cocktail for disaster. 😂 So if you’re looking for some reasons to present against another family Disney trip, we’ve got you covered!

Everyone Will Turn Into Cranky Little Monsters

Believe us, we know the struggle. Disney World on its own is exhausting with 13-hour park days and 20,000+ steps per daybut then add in the fact that everyone’s thrown off their sleep scheduleand you start to feel like Jack-Jack from The Incredibles when he turns into that angry, shrieking little gremlin. And if your whole family is a group of shrieking gremlins, we’ll that’s not exactly the ‘magical’ vibe you were probably hoping to have!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

But, if you must all go together and brave the wilds of Disney World, then we definitely recommend taking rest breaks. Everyone is less likely to be cranky if they’re fed and well-rested. If you need to, stop and grab a snack or head back to the hotel to nap for a little while. You could even just chill during a long, air-conditioned indoor attraction. Trust us, a little midday break will do wonders to curb those murderous tendencies!

Your Wallet Will Be Crying for Months Afterward

By the time you purchase the required 3 Mickey bars, 6 Dole Whips, 2 new pairs of Minnie ears, a Spirit Jersey, and 4 Loungefly backpacks each day of your trip, you’ll be in student loan-sized debt before the week’s even over. (Not really, but it is PRICEY.) Don’t forget to factor in the cost of those character meals, Genie+ for each day of your trip, and your large-group accommodations! It’s just simple math that a trip with more people means more money spent and geez if that doesn’t make your brain (and your wallet!) ache just thinking about it. (Especially if your family has boujee taste!)

Some things will cost you extra!

Although, there are certainly solutions to this problem other than taking out a second mortgage. If you’re heading to Disney World with your family, make sure to have an honest budget conversation beforehand. Divvy up the costs and let everyone know what they’ll be expected to pay for during the trip — if it’s too much for someone to handle, consider cutting back on accommodations or table service meals. If you’re stressed about the cost during the trip, you won’t be able to enjoy it thoroughly!

You’ll Have to Ride Dumbo 8 Times in One Day

Okay, maybe not Dumbo SPECIFICALLY, but pick whichever Disney ride the little kiddos in your group want to fixate on and think about riding it over and over and over again. Do you really want to smell the fumes of Tomorrowland Speedway ALL day long? (We’re pretty sure you’d pass out if you stood there for more than a few hours.) Traveling with a group means that you may not get the chance to do the things you’re most interested in, and then you might as well change your permanent residence to Fantasyland because you basically live there now. Hope you like the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel soundtrack!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Sound miserable? Don’t worry, there are ways to solve this problem as well! first of all, we’re here to tell you that it’s absolutely okay to split up when traveling with a group. If you’ve got some that want to do the “kiddie” rides while the others go for big thrills, that’s totally fine and it’ll actually keep everyone happier throughout the day.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

We also recommend making a list of priorities for your group. Each person can contribute a few things that they’d like to do each day, and if the interests don’t align, you can all split up for a ride or two, then join back together later for a meal or a show. If you have that list, everyone in the group gets to put in their two cents and then you have a basic plan for the day. It’s a win win!

You’ll Move Slower Than the Boats on “it’s a small world”

Have you ever ridden “it’s a small world” in Magic Kingdom? You know how agonizingly SLOW those boats move once they start. to get backed up? yep, that’ll be you with your party of 20 family members because you’ll have to stop for bathroom breaks every 26 minutes and snacks every hour. Plus, it’s pretty challenging to hustle from ride to ride when you have to stop and take a census every 20 yards to make sure you didn’t lose someone!

Crowds at Hollywood Studios

So what can you do to make sure you’re not moving at a snail’s pace? first of all, set realistic expectations. When you’re making your schedule for the day, make sure to factor in extra time for walking from place to place, bathroom breaks, and just general dawdling. You may be used to knocking out multiple rides per hour with your party of 2, but things won’t be so hasty with a larger group.


It’s important to keep your expectations realistic. This probably won’t be the trip where you get to do EVERYTHING, but it can be one of the best trips that you have if you’re spending it with people you love!

You can have a great time regardless!

So to sum it all up — we’re definitely not telling you to avoid going to Disney World with your family (we know that would cause an uproar!), but we can also admit that those trips are a challenge. However, if you adjust your planning strategies and pack a LOT of patience, you’ll be able to enjoy them for what they are — a chance to spend time together. They’ll just require a little bit of extra planning ahead!

Stay tuned to DFB for more news, updates, and advice from Disney World. We’re in the parks every day, so we have tons of tips on how to plan the best vacation ever!

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