Your Home Needs a Disney Upgrade, We’ve Got You Covered

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Looking to add a touch of Disney magic to your home? Luckily, with online shopping, you don’t need to take a trip to Disney World to snag some new items!

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With sites like shopDisney, everyone has the ability to grab some Disney treasures! And recently, we spotted some fun online items that can bring a touch of Disney magic into your home, so those missing Disney World blues don’t hit ya too hard!

Check Out the 12 Disney Home Items You Can Grab RIGHT NOW!

Main Street Electrical Parade Wall Décor

Are you a fan of the Main Street Electrical Parade? Yes? Good! Well if you’ve ever wanted to bring the bright lights of the parade home, you can grab the Main Street Electrical Parade Wall Décor for $49.99!


It lights up, just like the parade floats! It’s not quite as bright as the parade, of course, but it’ll still bring a little sense of fun into your home. We can hear the music now… .

Get the Main Street Electrical Parade Wall Décor Here!

Turning Red night light

Speaking of lights, you can also check out the Turning Red Night Light for $27.99! It’s perfect for the kiddos who are scared of the dark…and adults too, we’re not judging (the dark can be scary sometimes!)!


It looks just like Mei Mei as the Red Panda and could give your room just the right amount of night to keep those spooky under-the-bed monsters at bay.

Get the Turning Red Night Light Here!

Stitch Planter Stand

We’ve seen this Stitch Planter Stand around Disney World before, but you can grab it online too! It could be great for housing one of the many plants you may have acquired over the past few months, or maybe it’ll give you an excuse to get a new plant!

Stitch Planter Stand

It costs $39.99and features Stitch surfing on one side, and Stitch enjoying a coconut drink on the other!

Get the Stitch Planter Stand Here!

50th Anniversary Paver

There are also quite a few items you can grab that celebrate Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, like the 8 Inch 50th Anniversary Paver for $49.99!


It shows the 50th castle logo, and has pixie dust all over! You can also personalize it with your family’s name, a date, and other information. If you’ve been struggling to get a gift for the Disney fan who has everything, THIS could be such a unique and meaningful item to bring them.

Get the 8 Inch 50th Anniversary Paver Here!

50th Anniversary Hand Soap Dispenser

Add some magic to your hand washing with the 50th Anniversary Hand Soap Dispenser for $19.99! Washing your hands is just more fun when it features Mickey-shaped soap, right?!

50th Anniversary Soap Dispenser

The design features some of our favorite characters, and the dispenser pumps out Mickey-shaped suds!

Get the 50th Anniversary Hand Soap Dispenser Here!

50th Anniversary Simba Statue

Another 50th Anniversary item you can grab is the 50th Anniversary Simba Statue! Look familiar? That’s because this statue collection is inspired by the 50th Anniversary golden character statues you can find in Disney World!

Simba statue

It costs $99, and shows young Simba posing! Add it to your home office, your room, your living room, or anywhere else to keep that 50th Anniversary spirit going forever.

Get the 50th Anniversary Simba Statue Here!

Miss Minutes Wall Clock

Did you enjoy the Loki series on Disney+? If so, then you’ll want to check out the Miss Minutes Wall Clock you can grab for $24.99!


It shows Miss Minutes herself, telling us the time and has the signature phrase from the show “For All Time. Always.” Just be careful you don’t mess up the timeline too much!

Get the Miss Minutes Wall Clock Here!

Haunted Mansion Candle With Lid

Bring some silly spooks home with the Haunted Mansion Candle for $34.99!

Haunted Mansion Candle!

It’s designed to look like various tombstones from the attraction, including one side for the iconic Leota! Whenever this candlelight flickers, you’re sure to feel a ghostly presence nearby (or at least smell a ghostly scent of Oud/Agarwood).

Get the Haunted Mansion Candle Here!

Mickey and Minnie “Love Is in the Air” Figure

Add a touch of love to any room with the Mickey and Minnie “Love Is in the Air” Figure by Jim Shore for $69.99!


It shows black-and-white versions of the duo, with a pop of red in Minnie’s heart balloon! This could be a great one to pick up now in advance of an anniversary.

Get the Mickey and Minnie “Love Is in the Air” Figure by Jim Shore Here!

Mickey and Friends Measuring Cups

Mickey and his pals can assist you in your next baking adventure with the Mickey Mouse and Friends Measuring Cup Set for $24.99!


This comes as a set of 4 ceramic measuring cups with handles, and has patterns inspired by Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto!

Get the Mickey Mouse and Friends Measuring Cup Set Here!

EPCOT Kitchen Cabaret Print

If you want to grab a tribute to the beloved attraction, Kitchen Kabaret, now is your chance! You can grab the Kitchen Cabaret Print for $39.99 on shopDisney! Sing it with us: veggie, veggie, fruit, fruit!


It captures the spirit of the attraction, and is ready to be framed on your wall. It’s a great way to show off your Disney knowledge, display your love of retro EPCOT, and prompt your guests to ask you ALL kinds of questions about the fruit and vegetables on your…wall?!

Get the Kitchen Cabaret Print Here!

Mary Poppins Kitchen Towel

Mary Poppins can grace your kitchen (and hopefully make your clean-up time practically perfect in every way) with the Mary Poppins Penguins Towel for $19.99!


It features Mary Poppins, the penguins, and the iconic quote, “Just a spoonful of sugar!” If you happen to drop a spoonful of sugar, this could be the perfect thing to help pick up the mess. 😉

Get the Mary Poppins Penguins Towel Here!

And there you have it! 12 shopDisney items you can grab for your home right now!

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Like Magic!

Keep in mind that this is only for select sale items, so not all items on shopDisney (including the items listed above in this post) will be eligible for the discount. But if you do grab some items that are eligible for the sale, you could save yourself some extra bucks!

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50th anniversary merchandise

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